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Getting your book published online

Finally, getting your book published doesn’t have to involve hundreds of letters to big publishing houses, only to receive lots of rejection letters on your doormat a few weeks later.

The Internet is now THE best place to buy books and new authors can take advantage of this medium too, by selling their book or ebook online via an online book… Continue

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How to get your book published and earn good sales

Every year, it is estimated that over one million books are published worldwide. But if you don’t have an agent or a publishing contract, how can you get your masterpiece out to a discerning public and call yourself an ‘author’ at last?

By selling online, that’s how. The advent of the ‘online bookshop’ has revolutionised the way publishing works. Now, people don’t just have to buy a hard copy book from a book store – they can download it from an…


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Best place to sell buy cheap books, ebooks from online book store

UKs best online book store to buy cheap books, ebooks and short stories! Sell new books for over 40 categories and avail great prices.

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Selling books made easy!

Authors can easily sell their work through online bookstores. Different online bookstores and resource sites offer different services to authors and publishers for listing and selling their books is a brand new online bookstore to sell and buy books. You can add your book details here and get a specially designed promotional page FREE. This is to only help authors and publishers to boost sales on internet.… Continue

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Writers: join the ‘podding’ revolution

If you’ve written a book and are looking to go in to print, then consider ‘podding’ with a publisher who will show you how to make money-selling books online.

‘Podding’ means teaming up with one of the new breed of ‘print-on-demand’ publishers like DragonCub, who can take a manuscript, edit and format the content quickly and efficiently and have your book ready to print and ship as soon as an order comes in.

Authors can cut… Continue

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“Procrastination is the ultimate laziness,” said Dr Johnson. He wasn’t kidding. So stop procrastinating and write that book. Plan the story first. Ten chapters should suffice for a short story or novel. More chapters can be added later. Draft a rough outline of each chapter in four to five lines. Only jot down the key elements. This provides a useful starting point to work from.

Develop a sales pitch/blurb to the editor to promote the story. This adds impetus to story writing and… Continue

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Insiders Guide to Vanity Publishers

Expressions like co-operative publishing, joint venture publishing, subsidy publishing, and self-publishing are misleading to say the least. They all mean the same thing, ‘vanity’ publishing. Yet scores of small publishers advertise their services on the web. Some publishers go to great lengths to conceal from the author, all the costs involved, which suddenly escalate half way through production of a book.

There are good vanity publishers just as there are bad. How does an author… Continue

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How to sell your book and receive 100% of the sales price

DIY publishing is now considered trendy as opposed to thirty years ago, when mainstream publishers invited new and unknown authors along to preview prospective works.

Assuming an author has X number of books printed either through a vanity publisher or even a small press, the next step is to get the book out there, to be read. Take time to decide the best strategy.

• Identify the target audience, age, income, career and residential location of prospective readers.

•… Continue

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Five tips to boost your book sales on the web

Instead of stacking rejection slips by touting your manuscript around agents and traditional publishing houses, a podding agreement will let a publisher take your manuscript, edit and format the text ready for firing out paperback or hardback copies as soon as the orders come in.

DragonCub will also help with marketing the book, but because DragonCub cuts the overheads, you earn a bigger royalty on each sale.

You can also help… Continue

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