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A Book and a Chat with "Julia Hoban"

There are some guests that one has on a radio program that you just can't get enough of, that you want to chat away for hours two, or as in the case of my special guest on "A Book and a Chat" you ask back for second or third appearances.

Today I am so please to have as my guest on the show "Julia… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with "Lori Finnila"

One of the great things about running a radio show is the fact that not only do you have a chance to interact and learn from so many interesting people, you also get a chance to share and hopefully help listeners. My guest today on a book and a chat is one such fascinating person. Author, chat show host, and survivor Lori… Continue

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To start of the New Year I am as they say in the North of England, "Chuffed to little meat balls" to be hosting a YA RADIO MONTH.

Throughout January on my blog radio show "A Book and a Chat" (… Continue

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What has 107, 101, 2 and 24 to do with 2009?

Almost the end of 2009, and I am facing it with very mixed feelings. It has been a year when family issues, medical issues and work issues have overwhelmed the literature, radio and friendship aspects of the past 365 days.

From the very start of the year leading up to my major back surgery until today when my youngest son was back in hospital, there has hardly been… Continue

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So finally we reach this years " Christmas Story" I hope you all enjoy it.

The night was hot and steamy, too hot, too sticky and too not like Christmas for the soldier that lay trying to get some rest before going on duty, in the non air-conditioned barracks room.

Last Christmas had been so special, a family sharing their Christmas joy, watching… Continue

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For those of you who have not been reading my Christmas Story's (normally on a Thursday) up to now, each year I write a special holiday story, and have done since 1999. I will share them each week until finally just before Christmas I will publish this seasons story.

Today's is from 2006, and includes a narrated version for those who like to listen rather than read.



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I bid you $20. Do I hear $25? Who'll give me $30?

Last Friday I was invited to an event at a school about seventy miles away. The school had previously contacted me re donating one of my books "of which we've heard great things" as a fund raising for their school.

Being always willing to help with such donations for any charity or event I was only too pleased to send them a signed hard back copy of "Across the Pond". Following this and some… Continue

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The dinner plates had been washed by an array of sometimes willing helpers, soft snores and full stomachs meant it was rest time before the evening present giving and more food. Children had been bribed with promises of things to come and were sleeping, or trying to sleep. A young girl sat resting her head on… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with “Paige Ray”

My special guest today is Paige Ray a young inspiring author, who has chosen the literary path after becoming a wife and mother, and who now is making her way in the literary world.

Listen as Paige tells us about her early steps along the writing highway. How groups such as "GOODREADS" help… Continue

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Great Britain, Moira Cameron, UK Blog, Barry Eva, Storyheart

This week as the clock ticked by the 1000 days until the Olympics opens in Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II visited the Olympic Park in east London to inspect preparations for the 2012 Games. Her Majesty planted the first of four thousand trees on the park… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with "Harmony from PAYA"

I have blogged about PAYA and the fantastic work that Harmony, Yan and Josh Berk have done to support YA literature in Pennsylvania. So it was with great pleasure that I had Harmony along with a couple of other dial in guest on my show today.

PAYA, Bringing (More) YA to PA, is an initiative started by book bloggers Harmony and Yan with help from Tenner author and PA… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with "Gale Laure"

Gale Laure, a native Texan, is the international selling author of "Evolution of a Sad Woman". The book is a mystery, suspense, thriller, romance all rolled into one, and as was discovered during the radio show, her next book will even as Sci-Fi to that list.

Evolution Of A Sad… Continue

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Across the Pond News

It's been a while since I passed on any news about my book, perhaps you thought there hasn't been any?


My total on Amazon is now numbering "103"

Since the last time I wrote about reaching the magic "100" I have received a five star and two four star… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with "Melissa Crandall"

I'm back from my trip "Across the Pond" and will be sharing some items of news and interest and even a laugh or two over the next few days on this blog. For today however I'm back with my radio show. Tonight it is "A Book and a Chat with Melissa Crandall"

At the tender age of six, Melissa Crandall wrote, illustrated, and published her first book, "The Dog and the Fox."… Continue

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The Dangers of a Public Library

This last week a very interesting article appeared "Across the Pond" which made me think exactly how dangerous can a "Public Library" be?

Camden Council in North London has apologized after a woman was refused the loan of a pair of scissors in a library because she might "stab a member of… Continue

Added by Storyheart on October 7, 2009 at 2:56pm — 1 Comment

The art of selling books at a big event

I have over the last two weeks spent many hours at the Big E, the North England Fair that runs for four weeks in Springfield MA, as one of the CAPA (Connecticut Authors and Publishers) trying to sell their creations in the Connecticut building.

It is my first time at the event let alone selling my book, and I learned several lessons over the period.

If… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with "Sheila Roberts"

From owning a singing telegram company to playing in a band Sheila Roberts has lived a fascinating life. Previously she has written many different types of writing including Regency Romance under the name of Sheila Rabe.

In 2007 Sheila relaunched herself under the name of Sheila Roberts. Her… Continue

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Tonight's one hour special was all we'd been expecting myself and co host Kim Smith along with a couple of other guests and quite a few folk in the chat room, spent an enjoyable, entertaining and educational hour with Dorothy Thompson and Cheryl C. Malandrinos of Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

From their own writings to how they first started. From tips for book promotion… Continue

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Anybody who has heard my radio programs or read my blogs, including my 5 days "Book Promotion on a Budget" will have heard my great beleive in online book promotion. One of the really great ways for getting your book out there and meeting other people along the way is a "Virtual Book… Continue

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A Book and a Chat with "Michele Cameron"

Todays "Book and a Chat" is with romance writer "Michele Cameron".

Everyday University High School English teacher Michele Cameron heads off to teach her 11th and 12th grade classes all the classics by well-known authors like Shakespeare, Steinbeck and Harper Lee to name just a few. However she longed to see her name on the shelves… Continue

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