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God and President's

As we head into General Election campaign mode with Mitt Romney driving toward becoming the Republican nominee, something which is unsurprisingly hitting the headlines fast and furious is discussions over his religious beliefs. Here’s my question: Should they really matter? 

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. And in our land of religious freedom, he’s…


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The Pain of Toxic Relationships

Most have experienced staying with the same person no matter how bad and unhealthy a relationship becomes, hoping against the odds that things will eventually get better allowing love to prevail. Some look to God, wish upon a star, or seek out and counsel with every psychologist around to heal the broken seams, replace bad with good, take another drink of love potion which brought bodies together in the first place, and inflame the sparks both felt while first meeting. But realistically,…


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Fearing For America

I don’t usually write about politics. Along with religion, it’s one of the most debated subjects we have as a people. No matter if you’re a democrat or republican, we all have our viewpoints. But, given the political year we’re all about to engage in, I felt it time to express my position of where I see America, as it currently stands. I realize many won’t…


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Writing To The Finish Line

Writing is challenging. It can keep you from sleeping, eating, and being around people. It can cause you more stress than you can imagine when all you're trying to do is produce a story which you love, and believe others will feel the same toward. You see, when you're not writing just to please yourself, an audience of one, but to sell your story to the literary marketplace, it can quickly become one of the hardest actions you'll ever do. You must be completely excited about the…


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Inside The Mind Of A Narcissist



Is it just me, or has our society become increasingly, narcissistic? Up until the past few years, I really hadn't even heard this word used before. But, to start things off, some of its meanings are stated below from the online source, Wikipedia:

Narcissism is a term with a wide range of meanings, depending on…


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Reaching Your Dreams


Our individual aspirations all play a part in making us who we are. Most have imagined lives of incredible richness and success, wanting to claim their stake on earth as part of their individual plans. How we visualize, and drive toward attaining these desires ultimately determines how quickly they become reality.

Those of us who make strides in the…


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True Beauty Comes From Within

To be appealing and  beautiful is something most strive to be. But, what about underneath the skin layer? Do the ones you see as having outward beauty match what's going on inside, therefore making them the whole package?

The woman in the picture above is the actress, Salma Hayek. In my opinion, she's one of the most beautiful women to ever…


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Your Heart Is Your Soul

Recently, I posted this one-line quote on my social media accounts, "If you're going to write, do it with your heart, not with your head." Almost immediately, I saw it gathering attention and it really made me stop and think about what I was saying.  The answer is that I listened to my inner voice.

Now, for some that might sound a bit corny, or even conceded. But truthfully, that is really how I write and am learning to live my life. Our actions and reactions should reflect what…


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The Real You

Quickly, answer this question: "I am a _______."

So, what was your response? If I were to guess, I'd say that most rapidly answered this with your professional position: Doctor, Lawyer, Brick Layer, Artist, Housewife, etc. All of these are great things to be, but so often we become something we're not, racing down the tracks of life like an out-of-control locomotive.

Worldly affairs almost immediately take control over us as soon as we develop the ability to speak,…


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We Learn From Our Past

Life, no matter what your financial, marital, or spiritual position is will always be filled with extremes. How you handle these situations, and the choices you make because of them, will greatly affect yourself and the people around you.

We all have a history, no matter our age or position in life. Some are better than most, others are far…


Added by Randy Mitchell on July 28, 2011 at 12:11pm — 1 Comment

Is It Divine Intervention?

Have you ever had moments in your life when you just knew favor was placed upon you?

We are all being watched over. Whether or not you believe in a supreme being, astrology, quantum physics, or any other type of spiritual/non-spiritual theology, everything happens for a reason. In my novel,…


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Are Personal Connections Fading?

I have a friend who I've known for a really long time. If I ever needed something: a ride to the airport, help with a flat tire, an opinion on a career issue, even a pair of extra hands on moving day, I know he would be there. However, there's one thing I've really noticed about him, and many others I'm acquainted with: their communication skills have fallen victim to our non-personal technological age.

Here's an example: I was sitting at home the other evening watching the NBA…


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The Chemistry Between Two

Everyone from psychologists to astrologers have tried figuring out what provides that all-wonderful physiological reaction taking place when man and woman meet for the very first time. What turns your skin moist and warm, your eyes dilated and sleepy eyed, and your blood pressure spiking to astronomical levels, surging with lust upon first glance. Many have crashed a car while staring out the window, or even fainted at first sight at their one-in-a-million guy or girl. But, no matter why or…


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