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Free Earth Day Clip Art for Marketing

Earth Day is April 22 and this holiday that began in 1970 has never been more important than it is this year, because so many people are worried about global warming, crippling dependence on crude oil and other environmental issues. Although it's only one day out of the year, Earth Day is a reminder that we need to focus on the sustainability of our planet every day.

If your marketing efforts have anything to do with the environment or ecology, you might want to download… Continue

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Free Easter Clipart for Marketing

free Easter clipart Although it seems like it was just Christmas, it's actually almost Easter. So if you

need free Easter clipart to use for your blogs, Web sites, book covers or marketing materials, feel free to take what you need from this large selection of religious and secular clipart images.

Choose from these image subjects and… Continue

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Free St. Patrick's Day Clip Art for Marketing and Promotion

If you're going to do a last-minute promotion for St.Patrick's Day, this clip art may be just what you need to give your materials a touch of the Irish! There are leprechauns, shamrocks, four-leaf clovers Irish flags and maps, cute vintage kids celebrating and lots of other imagery that evokes the holiday that celebrates the Emerald Isle's own St. Patrick.

Check out the contemporary St. Patrick's Day… Continue

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Free Presidents Day Art for Marketing and Promotion

If you plan to blog about Presidents Day or have a book or other product related to patriotism, the presidency, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, you'll probably find these free patriotic art resources helpful:

These vintage Abraham Lincoln pictures and George Washington… Continue

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Free Football Clip Art Images for Last-minute SuperBowl Book Promotions

If you have a football- or Superbowl-related book, you might want to use this free football clip art in any last-minute promotions before the SuperBowl this Sunday.

And since the SuperBowl is the quintessential American game, you might also like this free American flag clip art.

Enjoy the… Continue

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Free Vintage Valentine's Day Images for Book Marketing

Valentine's Day is a great time to sell books and other products that touch the heart. Using vintage Valentine images in your advertising is a great way to key your promotions visually to this particularly loving time of year.

But where can you find vintage Valentine images that can be used in advertising? I've spent the last year answering that question -- not just for Valentine's Day but for all holidays. As a result,… Continue

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Free Christmas and Hanukkah Clip Art for Book Marketing

It's hard to find good clip art that is of sufficient quality and size that it can be used on the Web and in print. The following source features a large collection of Christmas and Hanukkah clip art that can be used for both:

Free Christmas clip art

Free Hanukkah art

These images vary in size but can also… Continue

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Free Resources for Writers, Editors and Publishers

In these lean times, we need all the free resources we can get. I hope you find the following completely free resources helpful:

For Writers and Editors

How to Get Internet Terms Right

This easy-to-use guide encapsulates the Chicago Manual of Style's recommendations for using Internet terms.…


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Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

Spruce up marketing materials, Web sites, blogs and anything else you can think of for the holiday with these free Thanksgiving clip art and vintage Thanksgiving greeting cards resources.

Contemporary Thanksgiving clip art

Vintage Thanksgiving clip art…


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Free Inauguration Clip Art, Archival Photos and Writer Resources

If you're going to write about the inauguration for any reason, you might find these resources helpful.

Inauguration Clip Art

The page linked above contains original inauguration clip art and some interesting public domain archival inauguration photos. One is even verified to be from Abraham Lincoln's inauguration! There are also inauguration fun facts you can quote in your writing, plus… Continue

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Free Veterans Day Clip Art

Tuesday is Veterans Day. If you'd like to honor veterans on your blogs, Web sites or e-mail messages, here are some sources of free Veterans Day clip art and vintage greeting cards:

Contemporary Veterans Day clip art

(Make sure to vote in the veteran-related poll on this page.)

Vintage patriotic cards for… Continue

Added by Carla Chadwick on November 9, 2008 at 11:30am — No Comments

Elections, Inaugurations and All That Stuff

I've been enjoying making hubs at HubPages. It gives me the chance to write what I want without worrying about my blogs getting hacked, which has happened to me before. Here are some of my latest projects:

These three go together:

2008 Election Clip Art

This hub not only contains free clip art; there's a presidential poll. I find it interesting that one of the candidates has been… Continue

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Free Book Promotion

I've been writing hubs at HubPages for a while and recently realized how helpful they could be for book marketers when I created these hubs for a publisher:

Spoonerisms: Twisted Tales and Fables

Animal Jokes for Grownups

HubPages provides a great free way to promote books and get links, so I highly recommend it. They also… Continue

Added by Carla Chadwick on October 17, 2008 at 7:00am — No Comments

Health Article Writing Samples

Here are some recent samples of articles in the health genre:

Do I Have to Take Vitamins and Minerals?

Goji Berry: The Original Happy Meal

Healthy Asparagus Recipes…


Added by Carla Chadwick on October 10, 2008 at 10:37am — No Comments

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