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Can You Hear Me Now?

Maybe a more appropriate title would be “How do you hear me?” Or maybe, “Sounds like…” with the proper charades gesture.

What I’d like to discuss is how to add voice or sound to your stories. How do characters speak? What do specific noises sound like? Taking the second question first, it’s not enough sometimes just to write something making noise. To add elements such as mood or emotion, you must show the reader how things sound. You do this by relating the…


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Some time ago, a friend dropped me an email I thought was just delightful. I had never heard the term, don't know if it's even a real word or something someone made up to fit. But, these are wonderful and shows creativity. Plus, they make great story inserts.

A paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the first part. It is frequently used for…


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Children of Paranoia

Children of Paranoia


By Trevor Shane


You read about death every day, see the reports on television. Some are called ‘accidents.’ The murders seem senseless and go unsolved. Did you…


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By Daniel H. Wilson



In tomorrow’s world, more of society is computerized. From robot domestic servants to humanoid peacekeeping soldiers, mechanical, computer controlled weaponry, and vehicles capable of networking to…


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Around the Globe with ANGELA ROE

Oh my goodness, where do I start with my introduction of this week's featured author? I met Angi back in the first critique group I joined eleven, twelve years ago. For a few years, I lost track of her as, well, you know, stuff happens. Then, in January I'm preparig for the release of my first book, Night Shadows (available at fine Internet book stores near you) when…


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Around the Globe with DAVE ANDERSON

This morning, I set the controls in my transporter for Portland to visit this week's featured author. Now, I have an interesting situation because he really wanted to have the interview about half an hour before the beginning of the Daytona 500. He wanted to be sipping $8.00 beers and eating cheese-steak sandwiches in an air-conditioned box with an expansive view of…


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Answers from Mallory


Hey, folks. Darren here again. I’m back this week as promised to give you the answers to questions asked of my boss, Mallory Petersen. As you know, Miss Petersen is a fourth degree black and private investigator. I provided the facts of one of her cases to author Stephen Brayton and he published the adventure in a book called Beta. The book can be purchased at…


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Ask Mallory Petersen

Darren here. You know, I’m Mallory Petersen’s secretary and office manager. I’ve hacked into Mr. Brayton’s blog this week because I want to promote my boss’ latest adventure, Beta.

Often times she’s told me I am much more than a secretary and I do accomplish a lot for both her investigator practice and her taekwondo school. I make sure the bills are paid on time and I book her motel accommodations whenever she travels to tournaments or business seminars.

However, she’s the… Continue

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Mallory Petersen and Company

Beta book trailer:

Back in 1988, when I worked for radio station WKEI/WJRE in the self proclaimed “Hog Capital of the World” town of Kewanee, Illinois, one of my fellow broadcasters was named Gary Petersen. He was the first person I knew who spelled the surname with EN rather than ON. When I created my private investigator/martial artist, I gave a slight nod of admiration to Gary by… Continue

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No Rest for the Dead


It starts with the execution of Rosemary Thomas for the heinous murder of her art dealer…


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Introducing: Mallory Petersen

In the following weeks, as you follow me along my blog tour (and I hope you do. Take a look at the Where I’ll Be section to the right to find the locations of my guest posts and upcoming interviews), you will learn of a marvelous new woman in my life.…


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The P.I. Life, Part 2

As promised, here's the second part of my interview with Amy Drescher, private investigator.

8. How much do you utilize computers in your business?

The internet is a tool of the trade. I’m online daily to run background checks, search profiles on Facebook, access property records and on and on. A serious P.I. subscribes to at least three different proprietary databases. It’s like “one-stop shopping”—with essentially one-click, we can access comprehensive data on an…


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The P.I. Life, Part 1


As the countdown continues toward the October 1 release of Beta and the first adventure of private investigator/martial artist Mallory Petersen, I thought I’d take an opportunity to show you a small part of the world of an actual private investigator.

I met Amy Drescher at the Killer Nashville writers’ conference in 2010. She sat on a panel discussing…


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Inmate 1577

By Alan Jacobson


What connection exists between an incarcerated bank robber in the late 1950's and a present day serial killer? You'll find out in Alan Jacobson's latest novel featuring profiler Karen Vail. This one is combines a clinical procedural investigation with a…


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Around the Globe with J.R. LINDERMUTH

Another Friday is upon us. I just wanted to mention that I've been doing author interviews for quite some time. This week's interview will be the last one for awhile since I would like to concentrate on promoting my upcoming book, Beta. I hope you will join me on my blog tour and continue to visit me here as I'll be telling you all about the book, my thoughts…


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Killer Move

by Michael Marshall

You have a nice, ordered life. For the most part, you control your destiny. You have dreams and seek to fulfill them. Then one day, you wake to find you don’t have control, someone…


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Around the Globe with SALLY CARPENTER

A little rainy, a little humid for the beginning of the new month. I'm looking forward to having the release of my next book, "Beta" on the first of October.

This week gets a little funky because my featured author wanted to travel to a place I didn't think we could go. However, my transporter is fashioned after a famous blue police box, so with a little…


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Nazareth Child

By Darrell James


Bond server Del Shannon, is recruited to go undercover with ATFE agent Frank Falconet to find a missing FBI agent at a religious compound in the rural Kentucky town of Nazareth Church. Coincidentally, this assignment…


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Around the Globe with RODNEY ROBBINS

An early trip this week with our featured author due to the fact I'll be in Nashville on Friday. However, today in Iowa it looks to be another very warm day, so I'm off to meet Rodney Robbins in Denmark this morning. While doing the interview, we're touring the National Museum, looking at the Gundestrup Cauldron and other Celtics relics. Then we're seeking out a open…


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By Neil Russell

Two gruesome murders, a billionaire with seemingly scores of contacts, the FBI, Chinese jade tigers, and an historical tale of the hunting and transportation of live tigers…all before page fifty. With Russell’s latest book, this is the beginning of a complex mystery with a…


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