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Book Excerpt From: Prospecting with Referrals by Devin Bull

Referrals are every salesperson's greatest ally. Simply put, a referral is

the most powerful lead you will ever work with. You will obtain more

clients, with less effort, through referrals than through any other

marketing tool. In fact, the value of a qualified referral is so great

that one seasoned sales veteran has commented as follows: "A qualified

referral is more valuable than a thousand gold-leaf brochures."

From: Prospecting with Referrals by Devin… Continue

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Book excerpt from: Overcoming Objections by Devin Bull

The simple fact that a prospect shows resistance or raises objections during

your presentation doesn't mean that they aren't interested in your services.

Actually some form of resistance is a sign that you have awakened a degree

of interest in the mind of the prospect. It shows that they are thinking

about what you are saying, but they need more information from you in order

to be fully convinced. An uninterested prospect will usually listen quietly,

but politely,… Continue

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Devin Bull on "It isn't what you know, it's who you know"

It isn't what you know, it's who you know. That's mostly how much of the

third world operates. People get ahead in their social status, their careers

and their economic development based on who they know, who their friends

know, etc. In Western developed economies, although externally shunned

because of its political incorrectness, this concept largely thrives behind

a facade of smiles and obedience to the system. Sure, some people who

follow the system according… Continue

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Devin Bull on the Bidding Process

How often do contracts get awarded to the lowest bidder? And how often does

that lowest bid run into cost overruns, unforeseen expenses, etc. which

produce a final price tag more in line with the higher quality, more honest

and professional companies you were previously considering? -- the

companies that it would have been way more painless to have dealt with

throughout the contract fulfillment period.

Some suppliers enter the bidding process with a "bait and… Continue

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Devin Bull on Negotiations

In some business negotiations there's some truth to the expression, "Give an
inch, take a mile." You have to understand the corporate culture of the
party you are negotiating with. If they have a greater drive to take than
to give, to exploit than to protect, for them to win and you to lose . . ..
then you cannot give even one inch. Because for every inch you give, they
will perceive that as a weakness and they will try to extract a mile. Understand the other side.

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Book excerpt from: Planning for Success by Devin Bull.

A person's "Success Mechanism" is actually triggered or activated by goals. For example if a business person has set a goal to enroll one new client each week, his or her commitment to achieving that goal will tend to make him or her work harder, or go the "extra mile" in an effort to meet that commitment. To the contrary, if that person had no specific goal in mind and the end of the week were approaching, they probably would not pull out all the stops like the goal setter would. Goal setters… Continue

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Devin Bull - Surfer

I'm in love with the sport of surfing. I've regularly begun to publish pictures and poems about surfing on my surfing blog "surfing Lines" at Here's a sample of my surfing poems:

Dawn Patrol

Sun's light dawning

horizon's glow warming

Offshore wind from the land

Feet crunching softly on the sand

It's your favorite wave and no one's out

That's what dawn patrol is all about

Uncrowded… Continue

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