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Marketing a Book?

On the way home from Denver after Christmas, my son Kenton and I discussed marketing his up-coming release Unikra. He's convinced his marketing plan will work, so we discussed his strategies. He likes networking and has set out to create a dynamic network of people who will buy his book. He's 13 and already has a vast following at and it continues to grow.

His strategy is clear. He's making friends whom he can tell when he publishes his book, who will tell… Continue

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Writers Conference - Fall into Publishing

If you're on the cusp of publication, or if you're interested in knowing what to write for profit, you'll want to attend this Writers Conference.

Located at Otero Junior College, in La Junta, Colorado the ACE Writer - Writers Conference offers informative publication suggestions and advice. You'll learn how to make your writing a business, and what you can do to make a profit from the start.

The best part about attending the writers conference is you'll get to meet… Continue

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ACE Writers - Now Interviewing

If you're a writer who would like to have an interview posted online with referral links where you can send your readers, here's your opportunity. These Interviews are not only blogged, but they have the added benefit of being posted on their own page for longevity.

Visit ACE Writers and see for yourself what a great message you can have for your own writing interest.

Be sure to sign up for the FREE E-Course and Writer News Ezine.

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La Junta Colorado Writer Conference

Writer Education

Put Your Story in Print

Speakers at this Conference will help you:

Learn to start & end your story

Learn basic grammar requirements

Learn to inject purpose into your writing

Learn chop-shop editing techniques

Learn to write tight

Motivate yourself to write

Receive your BONUS: Package

Join us for the Writer Conference

At Otero Junior College - Humanities 113

April 12, 2008 ~… Continue

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Coffee Clatter - Blogging Information For Business Networkers

Hi, I just wanted to invite you to visit my new (redone) blog at a network for business owners who work primarily or at least partially online, this blog offers insights into the opportunities available online, and other networking ideas.

Come by and join me, leave a message or add an idea or two.


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Blogs on Blogspot Hacked!

Even changing them to a different ID and increasing the security level of my passwords didn't prevent the blogs from being hacked and porn dumped on. YIKES.

So - I put my primary blog on wordpress at and I'll be posting there - as soon as fair is over and I'm around the computer again.

I shall overcome!!!!

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Writer Contest

In 250 Words or so... Tell me why you're a writer! Leave your name, your website, you blog address, and a list of your accomplishments in the comments area of this post. The most innovative stories will win!

Since this is an award for determination, dedication & commitment, there may be…

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It really is Monday! Dang!!!

Ya know, I have many days go by when life just kind of sits there, isn't wonderful but it ain't bad. Then along comes a Monday from hell and I remember that 'boring' isn't necessarily bad. In my other job where creativity is NOT rewarded, I get to experience people who aren't having so much fun at what they do, and now and then they feel the need to make everyone miserable.

Hawkeye once said when he was rescuing a dying soldier, "Don't let the Bastard Win!" I remember as a kid not…


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Exhaustion suffocates creativity...

Today was hot and horrid, as days go. Nothing particularly bad happened, just one of those days that beats you to a pulp and leaves you struggling for air.

When I got up this morning I had many things on my todolist for today. I figured I'd whip them off one by one and be done by noon, when I needed to start playing taxi driver for the kids, but that didn't happen. About an hour into my list the phone began to ring, life began to get in my way, and I suddenly realized God had a…


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August 18, 2007

If you happen to be in or around Lamar, Colorado -

there's a day long seminar for writers

at Shore Arts Center

$25.00 per person if pre-registered

$35.00 at the door

Speakers N.T. Betz, Dianne E. Butts, and Gayle Gresham will be speaking on the craft of writing, publication, and overcoming the obstacles of getting your book published.

For $5.00 you can have a table all day to sell your books and be part of the sales…


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Just outside the vacuum...

This morning I was busy posting to my website a new article I'd written and I realized I hadn't edited it completely. There was a paragraph at the bottom that didn't make as much sense as I had hoped it would. My cutsy details were missing definition and comprehension, so I took them out.

Then I considered how often I find myself editing out a 20 second slot of work on a book... It's pretty often. When the reality is that what I wrote to begin with belongs in the book. But, editing…


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Just today ---

I finished a report I wanted to share with my business leaders about Multi-streams of Income. You can get a copy of the report at

I'm actually rather excited about this one. I've been putting out reports and articles online for several months now, and this one has been a high-impact seller in just one day. When I checked my sales earlier I was amazed at the number already sold, and not even…


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