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PRESS RELEASE - Introducing the “John T. Wills Chronicles” ........................ I am proud to announce the launch of a powerful information portal “The John T. W…


Introducing the “John T. Wills Chronicles” ........................

I am proud to announce the launch of a powerful information portal “The John T. Wills Chronicles” designed to be a potent source of empowering knowledge for the enhancement of community and the minds of mankind. I will be using this online information source as the new home for my blog “Thought Provoking… Continue

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COMING SOON!!! Thought Provoking Perspectives - TALKUSA/TV SHOW


with host John T.…


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“The Rise and Fall”

I’m the author of the phenomenal novel “Just a Season” titled from the religious knowledge referring to a period of time characterized by a particular circumstance, suitable to an indefinite period of time associated with a divine phenomenon called life. During this passage through time I have come to realize that there are milestones, mountains, and valleys that we must encounter. This speaks loudly to the challenges of a proud people - African… Continue

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What do you think???

What do you think???

I’d like to offer a few thoughts concerning the current political discourse revolving around the health care debate. I’ve often asked myself; how can man/people love God who he/they cannot see, but cannot love the physical being of a man who he can see? If we were about to witness the Second Coming of our Lord, another question would be; what would Jesus say? Believing and knowing that his life was lived in service of the least of thee and also died for our sins… Continue

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An excerpt from "Just a Season" - "Granddaddy’s Lessons" - A must read

A few months ago I posted this excerpt from my novel "Just a Season". I received a very special heartfelt request from a devoted follower asking me to repost “Granddaddy’s Lessons”. Although she calls herself “a fan of my thoughts,” I call her my friend. Therefore, I am honored to repost this message that I feel delivers a powerful message and I hope it will enlighten, empower, motivate, and touch your heart as well.

Today we live in a world where there is no more Granddaddy to share… Continue

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"Just a Season" has reached a major milestone entering its second printing. I would like to thank all who have warmly received this wonderful novel. I would like to thank you for your support - now available in paperback ($16.00).

To purchase your copy visit:

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Review Excerpts for "Just a Season"

Praise for Just a Season . . .

"Just a Season is a thought provoking debut by author, John T. Wills. ...focusing on various topics such as pain, suffering, love and life. The characters and the plot are captured very well. It is very well written from beginning to end. This is one of those books, where you cannot judge the book based on its title and cover." Congratulations well done! -- Afrika Asha Abney

". . . Thank you for your example of tenderness and discipline in…


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Just a Season's lastest review

Book Title: Just A Season

Incredibly insightful (5 Stars)

Not since The Color Purple have I read a book that evoked such emotions. John T. Wills possesses the ability to transport the reader directly into the life and struggles of his main characters story. Having grown up in the north during this same time frame, I was educated in a way that did not afford me the benefit of truly understanding the significance of the historical events taught from a stand alone perspective.…


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