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The runner was in a hurry

as a prayer believed in itself

as the beginning set sails for infinity

and the book put itself on the shelf

Its mysterious plot had been raped by a missing page

that its author had torn to shreds

in a devastating fit of the blues

when his bi-polar wife left the nest

to bed his agent on Valentine's Day

in a haze of perfume and…

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Here is something that makes me want to shove a cannon up my ass and light the fuse... MULTITASKING.. You read right -- multitasking! You know -- even MORE work, for the SAME pay, getting even less shit done right!

Personally, I'm so maxed out on multitasking, the only thing I'm getting done these days is absolutely nothing! And I can't even get THAT right!!

I think I'm gonna get me an INTERN! You know, somebody I can multitask the shit out of and work to death, without having…


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New Year Message

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Yayyy! Back on stage to spread his madness!

On Saturday, Jan 5th, 2008 at 8:00 P.M.,

Mad Markie will be premiering his brand-new act,

"Body Language" (from the "Cooking For Cannibals" show)

at the Comedy Corner -- Clarion Hotel, Jacksonville, Int'l Airport, FL

Bring a nurse!

Further gig schedule to be announced shortly.



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Got me a GPS for Christmas. About time, because I do a lot of driving to strange places, and if there is a way to get lost, I will find it!

Google maps are sorta kinda OK, but they're worth shit in the dark, and they don't talk to me. Not like my GPS, which I have named Floozie. And Google maps don't put me back on the right track like Floozie does when I miss a turn, or exit, or on-ramp.

Floozie certainly knows a lot. She's a mobile unit, so I tested her in my home to…


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Christmas Message

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Nobody conceived it. Nobody intended it.

It emerged.


Like a third breast on a clandestine woman.


In a barren, sun baked Southern California sandbox. Spawned by notions, dreams and lust. They called it:



The world's greatest Marionette Theater. Where heaven and hell overlap. Where devils dance with saints.

Where Beauty and the Beast… Continue

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"The Marc Peters Years" (1975 to 1978)

The final retrospective selections from

"The Marc Peters Years" (1975 to 1978)

is now playing on my MySpace Music page

1) POOR LITTLE FOOL - Helen Reddy

Orig. Jeff Lynne Song

2) FROM MAINE TO MEXICO - Leon Russell

3) SCHOOL DAYS - Tommy Knight

4) A MILLION TEARS - Vicky Leandros

5) FINE LINE - Nick & The Cherries



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My Videos

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