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Poh Tiong Ho's Blog – June 2014 Archive (13)

Merits Vs Evils

This collusive politician  who is best in fraudulent, manipulates the Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Malays and Ibans, for his own greedy, evil, and selfish motive.  He is hurting himself more than anyone else because wherever he is he is always tense. He must be ready to wallop again, at any moment. Isn’t this sort of life stressful and painful? Those most horrendous pain and discomfort were cause by his fixed views, prejudices and biases. This old cobra lost his sensitivity. Modern psychiatry…


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Arc Welding & Machines used


Arc Welding and Grounding for Welding Machines


To avoid serious damage to electronic equipment, disconnect all instrumentation and electrical connections before arc welding. Screens will also be needed so that the arc rays will not damage the eye sights of the people around the welding site. The infrared radiation will burn your retina and it will also cause cataracts. Over exposure to arc radiation may also cause skin cancer.


The welders must wear…


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Project Management for young talents arriving in tropical Asia


Calculate the total number of days you need to have the work done, and the number of people you need in the team. For South-East Asian country, it is sensible to add one additional day for project which requires 30 days to complete or more. This is for the rainy days. If your project needs 12 months to complete, add another 12 days, unless there is really no choice.

In your written contract agreement with the subcontractor, make it in…


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They must be designed by professional engineer and licence from the authorities must be obtained before they are to be used. The safety hardness must be fastened to the lifeline and not to the handrails. The safe working load must be clearly stenciled on the gondola, with the tagged number of the unit properly secured on the unit.


Never cheat by using a gondola which has not yet been load tested and confirmed safe for use by the authority. Some…


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Good English Guide For GCE Level ISBN : 978-981-05-0135-8

To prepare good curry, you need kitchen utensils and the basic ingredients like chilies, onion, ginger, garlic, cumin seed, coconut milk etc. Likewise, to prepare for the English paper of the General Certificate of Education  or Senior High School Diploma, you will need to know a number of basic English words. These words are listed in this book and each word is explained in details to indicate its meaning beyond any doubt.


Each word is used in  a full sentence to indicate…


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A Way of Life

A Way of Life

Buntal, a District Officer from Punggol, was walking from his house to the office early in the morning. His car was used by his wife who would be playing golf. Buntal thought of his past- how he managed to climb from the position of an office clerk to his present situation. Many years ago, he had a fight with one of his classmates, Chua, in the school, and was sacked by the principal. His greatest enemy was Chua, then a welfare officer in the Singapore Civil… Continue

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The Pimp

“ Come Judy, we’ll dance again”. Nick Tua Pau Chia invited her.


Judy smiled at him. Stood up and walked into the floor. The hot music went on. There were at least fifty couples on the floor of that Recreation Club.  Most of the men held their partners so tightly in their arms it could hardly be considered as moderate. Nick like Ali and the rest each paid S$300.00 for his dance ticket, which included nothing, more than a free partner. Joe Ching was the organizer. Joe was…


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The Shanghai Graduate

The Shanghai Graduate

At the age of 16, David obtained a scholarship from the University of Shanghai to read for a 1st degree in Mechanical Engineering. He left his poor hut at Kumpong Bugis and was very happy to leave Singapore and have a chance to have a better look at the other parts of the world. He studied hard and was able to graduate with flying colours. While he was doing his practical training in Shanghai, the emergence of the Red Guards forced him to flee for his…


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Mosquitoes and our Health

Mosquitoes must be fogged at least once every month. Stagnant pools of water must be removed immediately. Do you know where the mosquito breeding sites are? Most of the breeding grounds are in the construction sites. Errant contractors must be fined so that enforcement actions can be effective.



Chikungunya first started in Singapore in 2008. By 2009, over 1000 people were infested. This disease is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, which also spread dengue fever. By…


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Learning A Language on the Internet

Learn a language on the Internet, either oral or written. With the facilities from Skype you can do it wherever you are.  You save on transportation cost and the time can be at your own convenience. The only factor to be careful of is never to pay the lump sum for the tuition fee. It is better to pay it on weekly basis or on daily basis. This way, if the tutor is not up to your expectation, you can walk off without any obligation.

Whatever you have written can be emailed to the tutor…


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A Passport Story

A Passport Story

This poor man left his country of origin to earn a living abroad. Before his international passport expired, he had to go back to the country of origin to apply for a new passport. He went home and applied for one. The immigration department knew he was working abroad and demanded three months of his basic salary from that country. They knew his basic salary, surprisingly.  It was also very common for the immigration officers to ask for under the counter payment by…


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Sunken Treasures & Pirates

The capt.  and his crew had been looting and killing in the Philippines for years and were on their way home to retire. His porcelain  jars  must be at least one meter high and one meter wide at the widest portion of the jar.  It was said there were many jars, all filled with gold and other valuables. During their final night on board that ship, they were traveling from Southern Philippines to XXXXXX. So when he came into the storm he was roughly 54 nautical miles from XXXXXX, assuming his…


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Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) had been practiced in China for over 5000 years.  But until today, we still have no scientific basis to confirm these medicines are safe and sound. Clinical trials are expensive. Except pharmaceutical giants, who else would want to carry out the research?  Moreover, why would the pharmaceutical  giants want to allow TCM to compete with them?  However, are all the drugs which have been clinically tested  safe and effective? Have you ever heard of an illness…


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