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New Age/Pagan Artists and Musicians WANTED for Amazon Book Launch Campaign!

Currently I’m running a marketing campaign for this summer’s launch of my book Awaken Your Inner Power!

My goal is to launch the book up high enough in the Amazon rankings that it will benefit from some of the…


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The Secret Smile Meditation Exercise

By Robert Morgen

The Secret Smile is one of Dr. Glenn Morris’ exercises and he wrote about it in his book Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master. Those of us who teach his martial art form, Hoshinjutsu, also teach this regularly in our classes. This is really a fairly easy exercise and I can’t recommend it strongly enough. Energy flows better through a relaxed and happy body and you should get in the habit of making this a…


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Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion

I don't know who came up with this term but it was probably some angst-ridden, sexually…


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Spiritual Entrepreneur Radio

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Spiritual Entrepreneur Radio is your source for Relaxing Music, Stress Relief and Business Tips and Concepts.…


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Infinite Income for Charities!

I want to introduce a somewhat radical concept here that could have astounding implications for social change. The concept is leverage. I've used that term a few times already but I want to suggest some ways that we can use leverage to get the results that we want with changing the world.

There are a couple of definitions of leverage;

1. The degree to which an investor or a business is using borrowed money

2. As a VERB leverage means to gain an advantage through the… Continue

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