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Author and Publisher Carol Denbow Book Tour Stop

Book Market.ning is a wonderful place to share book marketing ideas. It seems appropriate to schedule a brief book tour stop here. So we’ll be talking today to author and publisher, Carol Denbow about book marketing and some of the mistakes we all make when we first set out to promote our books.
So Carol, lets talk about your new book, “A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story.”
Is this your first book?

Carol Denbow: No, it’s my third release. My first book, Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss? was released in 2006. Then after a two year gap, I’ve had two new books released in just the past three months. This one, A Book Inside, which I self-published, and Stress Relief for the Working Stiff: How to Reverse the Embalming Effect, which was published by Publish America.

Many of the visitors to this Website have already written their books—some are already published, so I’d like to discuss the “Sell Your Story” part of your newest book. What mistakes do authors most commonly make which result in poor book sales?

Carol Denbow: That’s an easy one—laziness! Some authors, especially those traditionally published, feel their job is done once their book is released. They leave the promotional and marketing job to their publisher. In reality, and I’ve said this hundreds of times to new authors with dreams of selling a million copies, books sell just “one-at-a-time!” It’s the responsibility of the author to promote and sell their books one-by-one and those who don’t typically don’t sell many books.

How do you market your own book?

Carol Denbow: Right here, right now, like this! I do virtual tours, store tours, street festivals, swap meets, and anyplace people might be interested in my books. I write related articles, join discussion groups, blog, and post ads online. There are thousands of productive methods to get your book noticed—and purchased, besides the traditional brick and mortar bookstores, which by the way are rapidly becoming obsolete. Authors need to think outside the box, or book, in this case. In A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story, I have a chapter titled, “25 More Unique Ways to Sell Your Book,” where I list proven, and very untraditional book marketing ideas. Published authors need to be thinking “unique.”

For such a small book, A Book Inside contains an incredible amount of resources. Where did you find these?

Carol Denbow: Research, research, and more research—about three years of it! I’ve worked hard to put the best available resources together for new and seasoned authors to be successful with their books. Most authors who “surf” online to find resources know how time consuming this can be. The majority of my listings in my newest book, A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story are “free” Web resources directed specifically towards writers, authors, and book sellers.

So where can we find your books and do you have a Website?

Carol Denbow: All my books are available through as well as through my Website at I also have a great blog for new and seasoned writers at as well as a writer and author forum at To see where by book tour is taking me next, please visit my Website.

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