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12 Interview Questions for Students about Bullies

Professional Storyteller, Ms. Debbie Dunn, is writing a non-fiction book about bullies. Please write about a time you got bullied (called names, forced to hand over money or possessions, hit, kicked, or pushed). Please include full details of what he or she said or did and how you responded each time. In other words, write a paragraph in response to most questions. No need to tell me your name. This will protect your privacy. Thank you!

This is mainly aimed at students; however, feel free to share events that happened to you when you were in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college.

a. E-mail your answers to Debbie Dunn at her e-mail address of

b. Make comments below this Blog.

c. Please visit this link to fill out the 12-Question Anonymous Survey form at

Here are the 12 Questions:

1. Are you a boy or a girl?

2. What grade were you in when this bully situation happened?

3. What did the bully say or do that got you upset?

4. Was the bully a boy or a girl? What grade was he or she in?

5. How did you respond? Did you cry, run away, call them a name back, hit them, tell a teacher or parent, or what?

6. Where did this bully situation take place? In the classroom, cafeteria, gym, playground, hallway, bathroom, or where?

7. Were there any teachers around at the time? Did they see? Did they respond? Did they help?

8. If there were no teachers around, did you report to a teacher what happened? What about your parent or guardian? Did either or both of them do anything to help you?

9. Did the bully do anything to bother you again or was it just that one time? If they did bother you again, what did they do this time and all the other times?

10. How did you respond each time?

11. Has the bully ever apologized?

12. Do you do anything to self-mentor yourself in an effort to make yourself feel better such as remember to take deep, calming breaths, give yourself a pep talk, confide in a family member, guidance counselor, friend, or someone else whom you trust, write in a journal, distract yourself with an enjoyable activity, etc?

Thank you so much for your help! I feel your answers will be really helpful to others reading the book I am working on. Have a wonderful year! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Best Wishes to you and yours,

Ms. Debbie Dunn
Professional Storyteller & Conflict Resolution Specialist
(I taught conflict resolution to 500 middle school students a year for 5 years.)
1190 Welcome Grove Road, Mosheim, TN 37818
(423) 422-9728; E-mail:
Website #1:
Website #2:
Website #3:

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