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Networking is more than just meeting new people. It is also identifying people you can partner with. Partnering in this sentence meaning where both parties can benefit from the friendship. Unfortunately, most networkers only want to find clients/customers. That is not the point of networking at all.

When on these kinds of sites, it is imperative to share your information and offerings, but it is more important to build friendships, learn the people in the groups with you. Notice who responds to your blogs and photos and videos. Reward them handsomely for the time they spend on your pages when they could be anywhere else. When you build relationships, even if that person is not a potential client, chances are they will know someone who is a potential client. Chances are, if they like you and feel they can trust you, then they'll tell everyone they know.

Another issue is finding other business leaders to team with. Many times, we want to do too much and we don't realize the untapped potential of an unofficial partner. For instance, we offer design and editorial services and book trailers. A company on here may be a publisher. Another company may only do book reviews. Another person may be an agent (reputable). And yet another person may be a ghostwriter. Rather than us trying to be all things to all people, it makes more sense, and eventually money, to team with those people. Our offerings are different but interconnected. We together than dominate the market, pulling from each other's advertising, marketing, etc. We gain the power of making bona fide recommendations, making the customer's job easier. This is networking and it makes billions of dollars each year.

Chris Hayes
Hayes Design and Editorial Service

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