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Book excerpt from: Overcoming Objections by Devin Bull

The simple fact that a prospect shows resistance or raises objections during
your presentation doesn't mean that they aren't interested in your services.
Actually some form of resistance is a sign that you have awakened a degree
of interest in the mind of the prospect. It shows that they are thinking
about what you are saying, but they need more information from you in order
to be fully convinced. An uninterested prospect will usually listen quietly,
but politely, to your presentation. When you have finished, however, they
will tell you they are not interested, or put you off in some other way, and
show you the door. It is for this reason that professional sales persons
welcome resistance. It serves as a catalyst to draw more information, and
more convincing arguments out of them.

Book excerpt from: Overcoming Objections by Devin Bull. For more
information please visit:

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