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I have become an evangelist for downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. The reasons I believe in them are manifold but here are a few:

First of all audiobooks -

Downloadable audiobooks are ideal for anyone who is traveling, ideal for listening to when you're on the beach or in the park, ideal for listening to when you're doing boring, menial work and mundane chores like ironing the laundry or raking the autumn leaves in the garden.

You can't read a book when you're driving to work - but you can certainly listen to one! It's hard to read a book when you're standing on a crowded train - but it's dead easy to listen to one. It's not safe to read a book when you're changing trains or walking down the escalators - but it's a walk in the park to listen to one!

And what about when you're sunbathing on the beach in Miami or San Tropez holding the book and trying to focus your eyes as the blinding sun glints off its white pages? Or propped up on one arm holding the book with the other until you get pins and needles or muscle cramp? Wouldn't it be so much easier lying on your back with your eyes closed while soaking up the sun and listening to the audiobook.

That's what’s special Downloadable Audiobooks!

But both downloadable audiobooks and downloadable eBooks are good from an authors point of view because they can be delivered direct to the customer by the writer. Certainly in the case of eBooks. And with modern recording (and voice alteration) tools, even audiobooks can be recorded at low cost. And low cost is the key to it all because you don't need to mass produce the copies. You make a one-off and it is stored on a web server as a collection of electrons!

Check out bookstolistento and decide for yourselves.

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