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The Book Attic
Anastasia’s Book Attic
Books In Sync
And AG Associated Press

Are Four Of The Fastest Growing
Author and Book Resources On The Web.

‘The Book Attic’ has a primary focus on marketing new authors who have one book in print, one E-book or one book title to their name in many formats. So I invite first time authors to place your book here and I invite visitors to get to know these new authors. Your book gets listed for FREE and you are invited to have a FREE ‘Author Spotlight’ in addition to your FREE book listing.

‘Anastasia’s Book Attic’ offers:
FREE advertising for your book(s)
FREE Author Spotlights highlighting you and your book(s)
FREE book reviews if Anastasia does your editing
FREE Author of the Month Contest
I also offer editing services, reviewing services, book videos and bookmarks at extremely modest rates! Please see the individual pages for these services and forms for submissions.

‘Books In Sync’ where you will meet some of the most dedicated multi-book authors in the literary world! If you are or about to become a multi-book author (more than one title to your name) come visit and allow me the opportunity to create an ‘Author’s Web Page’ for a ridiculous annual fee and let’s get started promoting your books. Experts say to market your new book 6-9 months in advance to the book being published. The key to your pages are that I do all the work leaving you more time to write and I pay for the marketing necessary to bring visitors to my sites. Please visit ‘Books In Sync’-

‘AG Associated Press’ where you get the advertising that you desire with a price that you can live with.
Authors and non-authors are invited to place short classifieds or whole page advertisements for book, products and services.
If you have something to advertise (most anything to sell) please post a listing on

Contact Owner of Sites: Theodocia McLean

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