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First blog post on NING. If you're familiar with my previous work (Dealing With People You Can't Stand, Dealing With Relatives, Love Thy Customer, Life By Design, How To Find and Keep a Mate, The Happiness of Pursuit) then I think you'll be interested in what's next for me! I'm putting the finishing touches on an audio program based on a 250 page manuscript I wrote this year. I should have it done in time to start selling it through my website, when the new site goes live at the end of June. I hope to do a final rewrite on the manuscript and self publish it as a book at about that same time. We'll see how it goes. The subject matter was so interesting to me that I wound up developing it as a live seminar, a book, and an audio program. I have no idea if anyone else will find the subject interesting enough to get these products, though from my point of view, everyone would be well served to learn the material I put together. I think it would help many people change the world for the better. If it seems that I'm being a little cryptic, it's because I AM! If you want to know more, you'll just have to sign up for my enews or keep checking my website.

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