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AWARE ENTREPRENEURS ~ Are You Ready to Give Your Gifts to the World?


Everyone comes into life with gifts. How you give those gifts - and if you give those gifts - is yours to decide. Many people have great ideas and visions and yet get stuck bringing their offerings fully into the physical world. Some people are unclear what their true life purpose is and so they flounder unsatisfied from job to job. Please don't stay blocked or stuck before accomplishing what you came here to do. We need your gifts as much as you need to give them!

In just a few weeks you will have the opportunity to bring your life purpose into shape and form. I will personally guide each one of you through The Eight Success Modules in the Aware Entrepreneurs Program. During this eight week program you have my full attention and care as you move through the same step-by-step process that I use myself. You will gain the clarity and focus you need for success in your business while creating a solid plan for the fulfillment of your life purpose. In other words upon completion of the eight sessions you will know what to do, why you are doing it and when to do it.

I know this process intimately. At the age of thirteen I knew I wanted to write books. Now, many years later my first book is going to print this fall. I faced many obstacles along the way. Then I got honest with myself. I got the support I needed, learned the steps I needed to take and created systems that help me stay focused and on track when I feel doubt, fear or confusion. (we all do!) Now, nothing will stop me from giving all that I have to give.

This program will be like no other that I teach. You receive weekly worksheets, as well as highly personalized homework stretches so that you can claim your place as an empowered and Aware Entrepreneur. I hope you will take this offer into your heart and take the leap from spinning your wheels to living your life by your own design. I am ready for you. Are you ready too?

We start on Wednesday October 1st.
Registration is Now Open ~ Join Here

Listen to two audio clips from live group calls where I talk about what it means to be an Aware Entrepreneur and read more details about the Eight Success Modules
Listen and Read More Here

Have to Miss a Group Call? Not to worry - All calls are recorded and all worksheets are posted for you.
You do not have to be anything other than your own genuine self.
You do not have to know what your life purpose is.
You do not need to prepare or figure anything out before we start.
The Eight Success Modules will take you where you most need to go.

Who you are is more than enough.
Thanks for being YOU!
With Love

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