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The Passion of I and We by Dyan Garris

Here is what I'm seeing as I tune into mass consciousness lately. I see a lot people heart connected to their projects and putting these forth into the world with great passion. The need for sharing and connection comes through loud and clear. It's wonderful!

But what is missing here, if anything? If we examine this energy on an individual level, we see the passion of the root rising up to meet heart (passion) energy. That's good! It's what we want. It's a step toward manifesting and co-creating. But what is missing?

The connection with the chakras in between is what's missing.

So what comes across is these very passionate pleas to "please take a look at" whatever, sign up for, vibrate to, get involved with whatever, is really coming from an "I" centered attitude without even meaning to do so. It becomes: "This is what "I'm" doing. And yes, most of these programs and doings and whatevers are designed to beneift all in a mass consciousness, connected way. So, there is a global consciousness now that hasn't really been present before. And that's good!

But so much, even if it is steeped in passionate pleas, is still coming from the place of "I want." "Come join me here," "Here's what I'm doing, get involved in my launch, sign up now, promote my products," etc., etc., etc., is unfortunately presenting as some sort of sales pitch when it's really meant as connection and as helping energy. There is definitely good intention there.

However, without connecting the other chakras, these things come across and translate accordingly from the "I" position, rather than from the "I AM" position. They translate with a whole lot of passion and spark, but without the real fuel needed to set the world on fire.

And the most important part about this is that the thing that's still in the way of many people being able to manifest effectively is "what the ego wants, needs, and desires."

An example of this type of vibe is evident when you think you're e-mailing with someone on a personal basis and they see fit unilaterally to add you to their mass mailing list. This continues to astound me.

Is someone entitled to add you to their mailing list simply because you have corresponded? I'm thinking, "Ask me first." Treat me as a person and as an individual to whom you are truly trying to communicate your passion to. And I will do the same. That is called a healthy relationship.

To do otherwise keeps you out of balance and in "entitlement." And it's the ego-self that's all invested in entitlement. Most importantly, as I've said, we cannot manifest from a place of ego. It's non-forward moving energy.

And however much passion you have for what you're doing isn't going to be able to translate the way you want it to from the "I" position. If we're talking about trying to attain ascension then it's all about the "we." Isn't that what you're really and passionately trying to communcate?

My point of view is this: I have an entire Spiritual Toolbox(TM) full of products that are designed to work together as integrative healing tools. They are designed to help you get unstuck. Automatically. I have a new CD coming out and you can pre-order and get a free download of my new e-book "What is Ascension?" I have a DVD coming out that will balance your energy field in 10 minutes and keeps on working all day. If you pre-order that you get a totally free CD. So what?! "I" have a whole lot of stuff that you'd probably be interested in. However, your spirit is going to guide to the right thing for you at the right tim, whatever that is. I don't need to continually point out to you anything that "I" am doing, however passionate about it I may be. You will discover whatever you need to discover whenever you're ready to discover it. It's not about me.

If you really give this some thought, how much passion are you intrinsically and biologically designed to conjure up on your own as an "I?" How many of you can biologically create a child from the position of "I." You may have to consider changing positions a little bit. It's definitely about the "We."

With Angel Blessings Galore,


Free Angel Card Readings, free spiritual forum, and much more at Explore. Send me your info too from a point of real connection. And then let's build a healthy relationship. New in the spiritual forum: Angel Readings by Ann C. and Tarot Readings by Anne T.

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