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Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always
pray and not give up.
Luke 18:1

Please keep the following people in prayer and even if your name or your loved ones name is not on the list, just call it out as you're praying. Our Father knows what we're in need of before we even ask. Therefore ask, believe, and we shall receive. Keep your thoughts positive and Jesus will complete your recipe. Many blessings to those with financial hardships, relationship problems, single parents, AMERICA, THE BANKING INDUSTRY, FOREIGN COUNTRIES, POLITICIANS, those running for PRESIDENT, THE PRESIDENT, unemployed, homeless, those in jail, our youth, leaders, families & friends, those who need healing, Vaoileti Peleti's loved one who is waiting to have surgery, Rev Christopher Hill, Mrs. Anna Oliver, Debra Reece, Kenneth Richardson, Sheryl Holland-Smith, Mrs. Estelle Hudgins, Rev Dr Vincent Smith Sr., Marchelle Kearney & Family, Dea Roger Lightfoot, Deno Martin & Family, Cleveland Harris & Family, Mrs. Nina Wells & Family, and all of my new online colleagues.


How excellent is thou name Lord. We thank You for continuing to breath life in us all each day. Heavenly Father we may not receive the blessing that are asked. Yet we have many miracles that would not have come through without You. Receiving day to day we grow stronger and wiser. Father the only natural thing to do is to THANK YOU. Lord we all go through storms and You're always there to provide us with shelter. We are so grateful. Treating each of us the same during hardship. Helping us onto a clear path with Your guiding light. Picking us up when we're weak and need healing. By Your stripes we continue on as children of the blood. There is no one better than You, who can make us whole again. Father we love You for who You are. We love You because You died for each of us. We love You just because Your name is Jesus. We THANK YOU today for continuously watching over each of Your children and blessing us one by one. Thank You for being with us always. This is our prayer in the precious name of Jesus, Father Hallelujah Amen Amen Amen.


It is my desire to give comfort, peace, and joy while riding "Through The Storm".

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