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What's The Big Deal About Design Anyway?

Design = Perception = Communication.

Graphic Design: a combination of words, pictures and concepts creating visual communication.

THE WORD DESIGN is both a verb and a noun. Thus design is both an action and a product. Designing is a process organizing the various aspects of a work—line, space, light and color, texture, pattern, time and motion—creating a unified communication product. One can recognize in the finished process of its organization, composition and message.

Of all the arts, graphic design comes closest to meeting us in our contemporary daily life. We interact with graphic design on a constant basis. Many of our encounters with graphic design are even unintentional; we do not often seek out graphic design the way we might seek to view other art forms in a gallery or museum. This fact gives graphic design an unequalled opportunity to inform, persuade, delight, intrigue or compel us.

Much of graphic design involves designing materials to be printed, including books, magazines, brochures, packages, posters, and imagery for electronic media. Such design ranges in scale and complexity from postage stamps and trademarks to billboards, film, video, and web pages.

Graphic design is a creative process employing art and technology to communicate ideas. With the control of symbols, type, color, and illustrations, the graphic designer produces visual compositions meant to attract, inform, and persuade a given audience. Under the skilled guidance of a graphic designer, a message becomes visual, transcending words alone.

Graphic design is a crucial ingredient for the success of any project or business. Graphic designers are professionals who provide a critical service needed by businesses of all sizes and at all stages. They create a face to your company. They develop credibility and a personality for your brand.

All industries are crowded with competition, and your company's brand is what sets you apart and distinguishes your service or product as unique, memorable and desirable. An experienced graphic designers’ goal is the communication of a specific message to a group of people, and the success of a design is measured by how well that message is conveyed.

The best to each of you and may your journey be enlightening, encouraging and educational!

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