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Several years ago I began writing Sacred Visitations, not because I wanted to write a book, but because I couldn't hoard the wealth any longer. Profound, life-changing and life-instructing experiences had come my way, and how many others knew about it? A few. I'd learned so much about how to mine these extraordinary moments so their wisdom lay unmasked. And with whom had I shared my findings, hard-won by years of trial and error? Hardly anybody! I decided to share these gifts. And to do it in a way that made it easier for others to explore their own mystical experiences, and to explore the wisdom at their Source.

My day job took shape in much the same way. I founded CeciBooks Editorial & Publishing with the intention of supporting authors whose books would uplift people. That business has now developed and shepherded many fine books successfully to publication. It's an honor to support these visionary authors who shed light on the path, calling others into their greatness. I love my job!

Both the book I wrote and the business I founded continue to evolve and expand -- they have lives of their own! They want to serve and inspire the whole world, not just me and my neighbors! Born of gratitude, they're eternally optimistic. I watch in amazement as both book and business flow on, shaping themselves to the needs at hand, sprouting new tributaries daily, benefiting others in ways I never imagined.

"Who am I, and why am I here?" That's the first question we typically ask. As we grow in compassion we ask, "How can I be of help to others?" Then we spring into action. One step. Another step. And little by little, we find ourselves of benefit to others. By then we are so absorbed in the work that we can only say, "Thank you for this joyful service!" and keep going! In just one lifetime, one human being can set so much good in motion. Acknowledging this isn't pompous or self-important; it's simply our natural response to receiving (and appreciating) the gift of this precious life.

Years ago I asked, "What is the best offering for me to make?" and received a this answer from the Inner Voice: "Books." That was it. This simple direction has guided me to many forms of service and has brought great souls into my publishing circle, asking me to extend love and generosity far past the old boundaries to which I was accustomed.

Here's an example: A portion of the profits from the sale of my books and audiocourses (Sacred Visitations) goes every month to a Featured Philanthropic—the organization featured on the Sacred Visitations Podcast (on "Ceci's Journal" at One month it was Heifer International (see, another month it was the National Resources Defense Council ( and on it goes! Likewise, a portion of the profits from my editorial and publishing consultancy,, goes regularly to Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program (, which provides books to children who otherwise could not afford a book to call their own. All of this from a single inner message: "Books." That message continues to reverberate. It urges me to consider more and greater ways to give, and to encourage others in service.

Every morning I dedicate the work and activities of the day as an offering to the Divine Presence that fuels all life. During the day, if I get stuck, I ask, "What work is mine to do here?" Asking like this helps me do only what is mine to do, and to leave alone that service which rightly belongs to others. There is wonderful peace in this question. It keeps me focused, and it makes me happy!

May you be inspired by the goodness of your own heart. May you attend to its whispers, urging you on.

With love,


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