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I know that jealousy is a wasted emotion that gets you nowhere in life---but man I am jealous of J.K. Rowling right now!

I don't know about where you live, but in the Detroit area there were numerous parties for the release of the final Harry Potter book and "read-ins" for readers, complete with costume contests and decorations. It's great that kids (and some adults) are actually reading a BOOK these days---but I just don't get it. I could never make it through the first Harry Potter book. Can someone who has read these books please tell me what IS SO GREAT ABOUT THEM and how can my book, CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL be as successful??:)

I heard the new Harry Potter is selling like 5,000 books every hour or something ridiculos like that. Happy for J.K. and green with envy!

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