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Authors4charity was started back in 93 and this year we're adding a promotions and publishing company for it's members. We're trying to add new things this year as we've not done much promotions in the past years. Just floating along doing our signings together but we decided that this year we'd try to get out to the public and to grow along with adding new things to our organization. Our web site is It used to be but we lost the domain name and so had to get a new one. But we're still the same group hoping to get new membership, more leaders and a few publicists to work with our newest venture. Our new website isn't finished yet, but once it is it will be

Bill Creed is our CEO and he is on a tour in florida, Georgia Alabama and Tennessee. Bill does signings at many of the army and other military bases and sells quite a bit of books at them. Along with the book stores, our authors sign at many other places, such as grocery stores, gift shops, department stores and many other places..

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