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I have wanted to be a book publisher for more than 30 years. Instead, I found a career in journalism and worked my way from beat reporter to managing editor of a suburban daily. Now, sort of retired, I am realizing my ambition of book publishing. Designing and creating a book is the easy part - the hard work is in promotion and marketing.

I would love to hear from all of you, your advice on how to build an effective marketing base to feature and sell general fiction. Tell me what hasn't worked, what has worked and what might work.

Thanks - Mark

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Comment by Carolyn Hendrix Engledow on April 21, 2009 at 3:02pm
Hi Mark, you may remember me from the Clearlake Chamber of Commerce. I no longer live in Clearlake. I married and we moved to Urbana, Iowa. I am Carolyn Hendrix Engledow, Carol's Errand Service. I saw your name on Writer's Literary Agency Advertisement Webpage and typed it in at yahoo and I arrived at your blog. I have written a book about my childhood which was very tragic. I am searching for a publisher. Writers Literary may provide me with an agent, I signed a contract with them. But, if I can get through a door without an agent, that would be fine. Do you publish non-fiction? Claire Reeves is a journalist, author of Childhood It Should Not Hurt, and the founder of M.A.S.A., Mothers Against Sexual Abuse. She plans to review my book, write the foreword, and promote it on her website. She is reading my book, now. I plan to promote on my website, through the media here, in my home state of Louisiana and throughout Lake County, and at schools I attended including Yuba College. In addition, the book is christian based so I have a address database of Churches, Christian organizations and christians nationwide. My friends, relatives, the library in Cedar Rapids are all waiting for the book to be published. Others are waiting for a book signing. Moreover, I publish my ministry newsletter, The Trailblazer and it is distributed to friends, churches, and colleagues throughout the US. This book will be a best seller, I never start sit down on a project. If you can assist me please contact me.

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