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In 2005 my novella, 'Behind the Red Door' was published and released out into the public. I can't begin to tell you my excitement...(well maybe I can) but it'll take more than one post. With several reviews (collected before its release) and countless bookmarks, along with hundreds of flyer's, I started the daunting task of promoting my work. I mailed several media press kits to various production company's and held my breath. Two weeks later I received an e-mail from Sony (Escape Artists Studio) requesting my manuscript for their consideration. And, yes I had to sign a release form. Okay, as you can imagine by now I couldn't dial each and everyone I'd ever known fast enough with the exciting news. My publisher verified that it was legitimate and announced it on their website. My hometown newspaper wrote a huge front page article about it, and congratulations kept coming.

Then, weeks turned into months' and months' turned into what has now been almost three years' without hearing any further news. Don't get me wrong, I feel privileged and humble that they were interested enough to ask for it. I still keep in the back of my mind the possibility they've just misplaced my work, and some big wig will find it (and of course love it) Okay, now I'm really using my imagination!

If I never receive another response I'll always keep the memory of the blissfull excitement I felt the day I received that e-mail. Oh, did I mention I sent them my second novella, 'Thorns of an Innocent Soul' as well! Well, the way I look at it, I just doubled my odds!

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