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I formed a friendship with the editor of my publisher and one day asked her what she looked for in manuscripts. Her answer..."A different take on the same old story." Makes sense doesn't it?

She confided in me that they received a lot of manuscripts on domestic violence but most of them were about being abused and still being alive, so there! No directions on how to get out of the relationship safely, no guidance, no helpful advice. It was almost like they needed to just get it out of their system with no clear ending other than leaving.

Of course, all self-help, non-fiction books have to have an ending. It should be a good one. We owe it to our readers to guide them, not leave them hanging. It is so much more than writing our story. It's about becoming who and what we needed during our time of stress and using that knowledge to lead another in the same situation.

How is your story different?

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