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I have four published books and every book has had errors in them. This was after I read it, read, and reread it. I also recorded each chapter, played it back and went through the book in hope to find errors--which I did but I still missed some. I read each line backwards. Lastly, the insult to injury--two books, I paid $2.00 a page for someone to proofread and edit and I do not have to tell you what happened--errors.

Did I attempt to have the publisher correct the errors? No, because I found the errors after the books were published, bought and people were reading them. I also have to admit the errors were line after line or page after page but they were enough to make me cringe.

What made me feel a little better was reading a book that I paid $26.95 for by a popular, top ten best selling author and guess what? I found errors. I hate to admit it but I did smile.

Is that excuse for having errors in my books--no but I'm beginning to realize I'm not perfect and errors happen and it's okay. I will continue to strive to have an error-free novel but when errors occur I don't lose sleep over it any more.

To all other authors--don't worry about errors. People are forgiving and they will still buy your book and enjoy it.

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Comment by P. M. Morris on November 28, 2007 at 9:31am
Thank you ladies for allowing me to sleep at night once again. Talking about horror stories with errors.

For starters, I am in the process of creating my own publishing company and re-releasing my first novel, ME TIME on my own label (slated for March 2008 to celebate my 50TH birthday). I believe this to be atleast my twentieth read of this novel to the point I can recite it in my sleep! Nonetheless, it will be used as a spring-board to the release of the sequel I GOT MINE Fall 2008.

Long story short, I published with AuthorHouse in 2006. Submitted manuscript in June for a September release party. Errors were so numerous they were too many to count. Resubmitted galleys only to now be pushed for a deadline. My release party was scheduled for September 10, 2006 with over 100 books already pre-sold and 75 attendees scheduled. Books were guaranteed to arrive several weeks prior too. Received them less than 48 hours before the event. So elated they arrived and crunched for time, proceeded with party. Event was a overwhelming success! Did not get the opportunity to exhale until the following day after dropping guests back off at the airports. Low and behold open the book and the "revised" copy was the edited version unedited. Almost hit the roof! Now I have hundreds of copies floating out there filled with countless errors. Couldn't sleep or eat. My buyers believed in me enough to pre-order most of the books without reviewing it. I am just starting to feel somewhat comfortable with this entire ordeal. How did I handle this situation? I resent the galleys back only to find new errors which were not on the original. I immediately stop marketing the book for sale only for exposure. Now this time around I have created my own publishing company to re-release my first novel along with a self-help guide I invented out of one of my seminars. First Time Out: The testimonies of a self-publisher.

Again, both of these projects will be a spring-board to release the sequel in September. I say all this to say, your comments allowed me to get some on my self worth back. For those who know me, I am viewed as a would be perfectionist,i.e. Perfect Patty. As a communications major it has taken me a while to grasp the fact that my name is out there circulating on something I would view as substandard. Although, not so eccentric to believe it deminishes my work. Moreso my pride.

Thanks for the lift!
Comment by Lorraine Harris on September 7, 2007 at 7:14am
Thanks for those encouraging words.

Have a great day!
Comment by cpickett on September 5, 2007 at 1:34pm
Just read your post and I agree, it's really hard to be perfect. Also, if you are talking general public reading, I'd say the majority of readers won't notice. After all, newspapers are written for the 8th grade level.

Also, I have a children's picture book from a major publisher where each page only has a couple of sentences. There's even an error in that. It also kinda stands out because of the low number of words. Knowing that, I wouldn't be to concerned over a few minor errors in a several thousand word book.

Take care.
Comment by Sheryl Nantus on September 5, 2007 at 12:19pm
I hear you totally - but don't forget that we are our own worst enemies...

Comment by Taryn Simpson on September 5, 2007 at 12:07pm
I too, had an editor for my latest book and errors are there. It's called "being human". I don't stress over it. Life is too short!
Comment by Lorraine Harris on September 5, 2007 at 10:56am
Thanks for the comments and I'm glad to hear that you're not stressing over errors. It's easy to do though.

Lots of luck,
Comment by CPMurphy on September 5, 2007 at 10:10am
I know how you feel. My first book had many noticable booboos and I was determined not to have any in my new book. Can't tell you how many times I read and reread, and even had other people do the same. Yet so far there are 2 that I know of and probably more. Thing is, the aren't spelt wrong, their just the wrong words. Ugh.

But like you, I'm not going to lose sleep over it. As writers we tend to nick pick but I've had readers who never notice a thing. Life is a learning lesson.

Good luck.


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