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The ACFW conference is NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!

I can't wait. I'm already too excited to sleep. My bedroom floor is littered with stacks of things to pack in my suitcase ... proposals, business cards, coffee, you get the picture.

But why, you may ask. And even if you don't, I'll tell you. :o)

The ACFW writers conference is next week in Dallas, TX. Four fabulous days with nothing but writers ... I'll be understood for 4 days! LOL

The ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference is all fiction, for anyone who isn't aware of it yet. And it's going to be really great this year. We have some fun surprises in store, plus a book signing (open to the public) with 60 authors participating! Go to the ACFW website and check out the details.

I'm also excited since my manuscript of When the Wind Blows is a finalist in the Genesis contest. Of course, there are 4 other finalists in my category, and I know their writing, so I'm just delighted to be included in their number.

James Scott Bell is our keynote this year, and Margie Lawson is teaching an Early Bird session on emotion. Here are few photos from last year's conference.

These are the Penwrights, a critique group that I mentor with my crit partners.

Best-selling author Brandilyn Collins and me, relaxing after a busy day. (I'm wearing my usual foot attire)

This photo was actually taken at ICRS (Gina and I were covering it for Novel Journey), but Deb Raney was my first teacher at my first conference. We both write women's fiction, but Deb is an award-winning author. Once I read her books, I became a fan, too. But foremost, she's my friend.

For me, the ACFW conference is the highlight of my year. I sure hope to see some of you there, and if not this year, maybe next. :o)

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