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A different approach that might have paid off

About a year ago I received one of those infamous chain letters in the snail mail. You know the kind, send me a dollar and remove the top person off the list so that you can add your address and within weeks you'll be a millionaire! Yeah right! I knew right away that I wouldn't be sending anyone any money or sending out hundreds of the same letter out again. But, I had a thought. There were 6 names and addresses on the letter. Who these people are, I had no idea. What they do for recreation, who knows? But they appeared to me as the kind of people who wouldn't object to receiving flyers in the mail. So I kept the addresses until my book was finally out and sent them an announcement. Not knowing these people, I had no idea if they received the information or not. Whether they threw it out before looking or if an interest was sparked.

Today I recieved an email, fowarded to my mailbox from my website. It was from a lady who sounded very familiar to me. She said she just bought the book off of and couldn't wait to read it. For a while I thought, who could this person be? After thinking about it for a while, I looked at the list of people who was sent an was her! So no, as far as I know not all of them ordered {yet so far!} but just knowing that one did made my day!

It's a great feeling:-) So the next time you receive something like that in the mail, don't be so quick to recycle it! You never know who likes to read and who doesn't.

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