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I've never had a problem figuring blogs out for my everyday life; blog quite a bit on myspace for my family and friends, even had one on for a while there. But then I wanted to set one up that is professional, about writing, about books, publishing in general. My website comes with WordPress which seems ok but I'm definately not high tech enough to figure this stuff out on my own and could use a little help if there are any angels viewing this.

What am I looking for? A blog that appears to be right on my website so that viewers don't have to follow links to see it. And if they absolutely have to follow a link then I'd hope that it would be a banner or decorative button or something~ not just a text link which is what I've been able to do so far. From what I've read on WordPress, this is very possible...if you can understand how things like this work.

I've also followed a lead I think I read right here on bookmarket.ning, about driving more traffic to your website. It mentioned adding widgets to a blog and even gave step by step instructions on how to do this on WP. Unfortunately when I log onto WP, it doesn't give me the options that were used in the directions. I did manage to find a list of widgets that are offered on WP and tried to 'upload' one but I don't know what I'm doing and I'm afraid I didn't get anywhere.

So for now I'm giving up. Busy weekend coming up so maybe I can figure something out by Monday. If by chance there is a pro out there who wouldn't mind pushing me out of the driver's seat for a while; I have no problems moving over for help!

My website is and if you click on 'blog' then you'll see that I do have a text link there.....its just not what I want.

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