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Contemporary Romance (includes romantic comedy)
1st place: Audra Harders, Rough Ride

2nd place: Jennifer Lynn Cary, On The Court 3rd place: Jennifer Hudson Taylor, By His Plan

Historical Romance
1st place: Pam Hillman, Stealing Jake's Heart
2nd place: Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Promised Blessings

3rd place: Audra Harders, Precious Possessions
Romantic Suspense
1st place: Marci J. Burke, Shadow of Doubt
2nd place: Dineen Miller, Manna Reign

3rd place: Suzan Robertson, The Circle Game
1st place: Sally A. Apokedak, The Kisses of an Enemy

2nd place: Chris Mikesell, Revival 3rd place: Rebecca Grabill, Out of Darkness

Historical Fiction
1st place: Carla Stewart, A Dandelion Day
2nd place: Tina Helmuth, Hidden Snares
3rd place: Marcia Gruver, Love Never Fails AND Yvonne Anderson, Mom's Mirror

Young Adult
1st place: Rachael Phillips, Song of the Orphan Train

2nd place: Linda Fulkerson, The Rod of Schmazel

3rd place: Sally Apokedak, Prisoners of the Throne
Contemporary Fiction
1st place: Jennifer Griffith, Gumbo Ya Ya
2nd place: Angie Poole, Gravehopping With Myrna
3rd place: Myra Johnson, Pearl of Great Price

Women's Fiction 1st place: Kristine Pratt, Identity Theft
2nd place: Ane Mulligan, When the Wind Blows
3rd place: Kathleen Sprout, The Choice

1st place: Jane Robertson, Curst Be the Tie
2nd place: Gina Holmes, Deception Burning

3rd place: Janet Rubin, Beneath the Steeple
Chick/Mom/Hen/Lady Lit
1st place: Carrie Padgett, Oh Shop It
2nd place: Georgiana Daniels, Honey Do Inc.
3rd place: Jenness Walker and Tracy Bowen, Bliss

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