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Most of those we see in our Christian Counseling practice have issues with anger, and one of the most frequently asked questions is , "Is it okay to be angry with God?"

Our answer may surprise you. We explain that anger is an emotional response, and it can express surprise at some kind of loss like the loss of a relationship through death, divorce or betrayal, the loss of health due to accident or illnes or the loss of financial security due to circumstances beyond your control or perhaps a mistake you've made.

Most of the time for us believers, anger at God comes from a sense of betrayal, perhaps expecting a promise made in His word not happening in our life or the life of someone we care about. We've said and done all that we understand, and the situation still hasn't changed, and we're hurting because of it. We reason that God is all-powerful and can change things in a second, and that's true, but that's not the whole story. The key here is God's timing for what's best for us when along with living the serenity prayer, which truly helps us to accept the things we cannot change, to do our part if change is possible and asking God to grant us the wisdom to know the difference. The serenity prayer seems to have roots in Matthew 6:33, where Jesus tells us to live God's way of life (something we can choose to do) and that all we need will be given to us (God will provide what we need at the right time for us).

We can all be like Job, who didn't repent in the true sense of the word. He did nothing wrong but was angry at God for not being there with him (or so he thought) during his time of great attack and distress. He was mad at God for allowing terrible things to happen to him when Job could find no reason as to why: there was no cause and effect. In a very real sense, Job felt betrayed by the God who had so greatly blessed him until that time in his life. Nothing Job did or said changed, but his circumstances sure changed for not only the worse, but the terrible!

In each chapter of our emotional recovery workbook for Christians, we have a journaling question that goes like this:

Have you asked God to forgive your anger at Him for allowing you to suffer so much? Do you know He is ready and willing to forgive you? Write about how and why you are angry at God. It's okay, He can take it! Be as specific and detailed as you like. Then, if you are able, as God to forgive every bit of your anger. If you have trouble asking Him this, then ask Him to help you ask Him!

Jesus said He came to set the captives free and to heal the broken-hearted. Forgiveness is one of those tools that can set you free. Forgiveness opens the door to better relationships with God, others and self. Can you forgive yourself for not understanding God, His ways and timing like you thought you did, and can you forgive God for the hard times in your life knowing that they all have a purpose that you may not understand just yet?

For more encouraging words, important information on Christian emotional recovery, and a sample chapter from our life-transforming, widely praised emotional recovery workbook for Christians, visit our site now and often.

Warmly, with all blessings,

Pastor Sharon Billington

author, Encouraging Words for Life's Tough Times, An Emotional Recovery Workbook for Christians

director, Encouraging Words Minstries

Transforming lives through developing balanced, emotionally healthy relationships with God, others and self

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Comment by albertasequeira on October 13, 2007 at 10:54am
HI Sharon,
I wish you luck with your site. I lost my husband, Richard (1985) age 45 years old and daughter, Lori, (11/6/06) age 39years old from cirrhosis. I'm writing my second book Please God, Not Two about our family pain and loss.

My first book A Healing Heart was released 11/6/06 just before Lori's death. She only got to read a few chapters and I buried her with it.

I'm going through a lot of emotional times with her anniversary coming up. I know it's normal and she is in God's loving arms.

I'm now trying to heal a mother's emptiness and hope that this new book will help.

Visit my site at

God Bless

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