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It's a Bird . . . It's a Plane . . . It's a Snow Angel!

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's a Snow Angel!...

Okay, it sometimes seems I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. To walk in a local bookstore and see my book displayed? Wow! But really, when I was a girl, I didn't even dream that I would ever be a writer.

There was a girl on my bus. She was blond and very pretty and popular. And while she didn’t really talk to me much (I was the weird preacher’s daughter) we shared in common the fact that we both read voraciously. I would watch her out of the corner of my eye from those high backed seats, reading some novel, admiring her new clothes, her perfectly straight, long blond hair, her confidence. I don’t exactly remember if she told me or I heard from the grapevine, but I knew that she wanted to be an author. The thought that I might be an author never crossed my mind. Those things were for important, special people and I was not that. I thought that when I grew up that I would "do hair" like my mom, or go into "business" like my first boyfriend said I should do. I couldn’t imagine anything bigger…

But there was always something in me that wanted to impact the world for Christ. My parents laid down their lives to present the gospel - they still do. And I think, more than anything else, it was that example (they weren't perfect!!) but it was that heart for the kingdom of God that lead me to writing. And so, when I walked into a Borders Book Store and saw my book for the first time sitting on a table IN THE FRONT - I started shaking.

We went to my brother's house an hour later for my nephew's birthday party, and I was still shaking. I am realizing that this isn't my "dream come true" because I never would have dared dream it. He just did it. His purpose. His will. His vision. For His glory.

And in that moment of discovering HIM, I can only fall to my knees and say . . . I am so unworthy, I am so unworthy. (And human, cause yes, I kinda, sorta, hope that that beautiful girl will visit Borders, recognize my name, and pick up a story called Snow Angel. ;)

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