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Here are some great reviews for my story that I had to share. Be sure to look for my new story "Counterpoint" in the upcoming anthology Romance Upon a Midnight Clear from Highland Press.

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"Where the Sea Meets Skye" By Erin E. M. Hatton
Reviewed by Ann Marie Bradley, author of "Blue Moon Magic" in Blue Moon Enchantment
"There are things in this world that canna be explained by your science. Mysteries. Miracles." So explains Ronan Morrison to Celine Terreau, a Canadian marine biologist on vacation on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Author, Erin Hatton, composes a magical tale of the sgarthanaich - as Ronan explains it to Celine, a parting. Not just a parting between day and night, but a place where the Otherworld parts with this one. Wow! Ms. Hatton’s tale holds the reader spellbound from beginning to end. She successfully weaves a tale of alluring fantasy beings, and makes the reader want to stay among them. I can’t wait to read Ms. Hatton’s next story! Definitely a winner!
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"Where Sea Meets Skye" By Erin Hatton
Review by Patty Howell, author of "No Laughing Matter" in No Law Against Love Having been carelessly tossed aside like an old shoe by her fiancé, Jake the jerk, marine biologist, Celine Terreau, finds herself alone on Isle of Skye. It had been a European vacation planned for two until Jake's stunning pronouncement coupled with the last employment rejection—a bitter blow to learn four years had been wasted because too many had taken the same educational track. But with each click of her camera, the world of Jake peeled away, and Skye opened untold opportunities. Focusing on her target, the beautiful black seals, leads Celine into a world of otherworldly legend and enchantment in the person of Ronan Morrison, a sleek, handsome man. Erin Hatton sweeps the reader into a love story of underwater adventure and stellar characterization. A must read—and don't forget to bring your snorkel. I for one look forward to many more stories from this delightful writer. This and many other romantic tales are available in Blue Moon Magic and its companion Blue Moon Enchantment, both published by Highland Press. Reading one is a stepping stone to reading the other.
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"Where The Sea Meets the Skye" By Erin E.M. Hatton
Reviewed by Gerri Bowen
Celine Terreau, recently jilted, unemployed marine biologist, flies to Scotland and travels to the island of Skye. There she meets Ronan Morrison, a local with an uncanny knowledge of the isle's seals. During the day spent with Ronan, Celine begins to feel the wonders of life and love once again. Ms Hatton has skillfully written a story that immediately transports you to the isle of Skye--and you don't want to leave Skye, Celine or Ronan. I'm not saying anymore, because the author did it so well in so few words. I would like to read more. Where The Sea Meets The Skye can be found in Blue Moon Magic, the companion anthology to Blue Moon Enchantment, published by Highland Press.
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Review of: "Where Sea Meets Skye" by Erin Hatton
By: Award winning author, Diane Davis White
Erin Hatton weaves a poignant tale of Selkies and mystery. Broken hearted and disillusioned, Celine takes herself to Scotland for a lonely vacation, only to find romance with a mysterious man who comes from the sea. Her enchanting and sensual delivery of this story is not to be missed!
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"Where the Sea Meets Skye" By Erin E. M. Hatton
Reviewed by M. J. Sager author of "Enchantment by the Sea"
Celine has come to the Isle of Skye for adventure and to mend a broken heart. Her long time boyfriend dumped her hours after graduation for a more exciting and beautiful woman. Celine, a marine biologist without a job, is enjoying the misty dawn on the shoreline, snapping pictures of the frolicking seals, when she slips and is saved from certain disaster by Ronan, a handsome man with an uncanny likeness to the seals she'd been observing. He takes her on a magical trip to Eileann o Shean, an island full of seals. After a delightful day spent in the company of this special man, Celine wonders what the future holds for her. After Ronan takes her back to the place they first met, as darkness descends with the dusk and the time of parting and meeting is upon them again, Celine has to decide if the magic of the time is real and if she's ready to grasp her future with both hands.
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"Where the Sea Meets Skye" by Erin E. M. Hatton
Reviewed by Aysel Arwen, Author of A Clan Chief, A Dragon And Evelyn
Erin Hatton offers more than the beauty and intensity of the Isle of Skye, she captures its very essence, as well as the power and passion of those mysterious creatures known as the selkies with Where the Sea Meets Skye. Celine, a broken-hearted marine biologist, and Ronan, a lover of the sea and a man impassioned with the history of Scotland, dive into the North Sea and explore more than an Otherworldly island, they discover something so precious that many souls never find it. But, even true love comes at a price and it is never free from the obstacles of life. Falling in love was never easier than when I met Hatton’s Ronan Morrison in Where the Sea Meets Skye. This well-told tale sweeps you away to a wonderful place that is well away from the real world and its past heartaches and disappointments. When this story ends, it is really only the beginning...and, like I did, you will find yourself wishing you could spend a few hundred years on Eileann o Shean. You will enjoy many other wonderful romantic stories in Blue Moon Magic and its companion anthology, Blue Moon Enchantment, both published by Highland Press.

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