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Today was my Amazon campaign. What a crazy day. Everything that could go wrong did. One of my JV partners with a list of 50,000, had problems with his email system and could'nt send any emails out today. Then another JV partner ,who uses the same system, had the same problem! I happen to use this system too,so I sent frantic emails to tech support. Finally around 7:00 pm they were able to resolve some of the issues. But I don't think the partner with the 50,000 emails has all of the problems fixed. During all of this confusion, I missed an email from yet another JV partner who lost my email to send out. This has not been a good birthday. I was in tears most of the day.

Finally to top it all of, Amazon does not have me listed in the Divorce catagory.I am at 1,915 right now and would make the top 5 in divorce books with that number. For some odd reason, my book does not show up. Amazon emailed me and said I was listed in the catagory and then emailed me back and asked me send them an email with what catagories I wanted to be in. When I signed up at the Advantage program, they never asked this information.

So it has been quite a stressful day! I really had my heart set on breaking into the top 100. I am extending the campaign until tommorow .Hopefully the emails that were supposed to go ut today will be sent out then.

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Comment by Roy Palmer on June 27, 2007 at 9:27am
Hi Christina

Do you think it was worth the effort? Do you have any advice about doing this sort of campaign


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