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Holiday Memories and Trimming the Christmas Tree

Ahhhh, I love this time of year! Trimming the Christmas tree, hanging lights and the smell of pies cooking in my mothers kitchen brings back many fond memories. My mother would go through many boxes of ornaments that she'd saved over the years reminiscing over all of them. She would strategically place all of hers in just the perfect spot. Our tree resembled the one that sat in the Macy's window display other than, it didn't have our trees special touch including, but not limited to popcorn string, paper cutouts of Santa and homemade ornaments. In my eyes it was the most beautiful Christmas tree ever.

I was reminded of just how magical Christmas can be early this year. My young son and his new bride were preparing to trim their new tree when they were devastated to find all of their ornaments had been destroyed. Instead of rushing out to buy new ornaments they decided to make their own. They spent hours drawing and cutting out holiday pictures, and at the same time unknowingly creating their own special memories.

It's not the extravagant ornaments that make the tree beautiful and memorable its the love you add by creating special moments in time. We as individuals sometimes forget what is really important in our lives. We're too busy planning our lives and not living it, so get busy and create your own special memories this holiday and enjoy.

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