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Arrgh! Seems like when I make spiritual headway either for myself or someone else, I frequently get attacked by a seemingly impossible or unfair challenge. I'm sure this has happened to you, too. (If it hasn't, what planet are you from?)

Aside from verbally exclaiming things that hopefully are not offensive to God, what else do you say or do? Do you, like me, place your head in your hands, heave a mighty sigh and then do something to distract yourself? Discovering that doesn't work, do you then do what I should have done in the first place and call out silently or verbally, "Jesus, help"? Do you go to the Bible or our web site for encouraging words or, those of you that have it in your personal library, do you consult our emotional recovery workbook for Christians, Encoruaging Words for Life's Tough Times to both begin your emotional recovery path from the "aargh" experience and to find comforting, encouraging words just perfect for the situation you find yourself in?

Wishing you an "aargh"less day,

Pastors George and Sharon Billington
Transforming lives through developing balanced, emotionally healthy relationships with God, others and self

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