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The Evolution of a Blog by a Cromagnon Man Eager to Develop

I must admit that Blogs tend to confuse me, but I gather they're rather wide-open with regard to chosen content. My main objective is to promote my novel, Silent Battlefields, best obtained on Amazon (my web site address: However, I can write about a wide variety of subject encompassing such topics as creative writing, psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy, morality and so forth. any advice from others as to how to proceed. It would be most welcome and appreciated. Hugh

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Comment by Hugh Rosen on April 26, 2007 at 1:22pm
Hi, Lynn. Thanks for the very encouraging and swift response to my request for advice. What you've had to say will be very helpful. I will gogle "Blog" and will also review your podcast blog. I like the way you write. You must be an author.l'll have to look up your profile. Hugh


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