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Encouraging Words for Your Emotional and Physical Health

Hi friends present and future! When life gets hard, what do you choose to think about? Do you "awfulize" or think about the worst that can happen, do you allow yourself to be in despair or do you choose to think on things that can be encouraging in spite of your circumstances?

God keeps bringing Matthew 6 into my head, and there's great reason for that! This is Jesus chiding us gently to think about things that are positive just like Paul does in Phillippians 4.

Did you know that thinking warm, good, positive thoughts has a great effect on our bodies, too? Did you know that negative thinking releases poisins into our systems that can lead to disease?

So, please think on these things in this message, and I pray you make the choices and decisions that will benefit your lives each and every day. Remember, God is always here to help you if you have trouble with this, and you can always email me privately for some personal encouragement and other scriptures that can help you think those positive thoughts!

In His amazing love,
Pastor Sharon Billington
author, Encouraging Words, An Emotional Recovery Workbook for Christians Transforming lives through developing balanced, emotionally heathy relationships with God, others and self

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