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The following short stories can be found on Just type my name, Paul H. Kogel, in the search bar and enjoy. If you read them, please review them - just a few words to let me know what you think.
Night Wind
The Night Wind - The night wind howls from without and brings with it the horror from within. A man tells the story of a terrifying encounter on one dark and stormy night while at his hunting cabin in the woods.

This Dreadful Deed
This Dreadful Deed - The billowing low-lying fog hid the cold stone steps from my view, but I instinctively knew they were there, leading down into the bowels of the earth. This story will remind you of the old black and white horror films.

Werewolf MadeWerewolf Made - The transformation is a messy one, wrought with agony. Froth drips from my fangs, coating my chin and chest like ocean foam. A man is changed into a werewolf by a machine called ‘Crane’s Bell’.

The AncientsThe Ancients - So it came to pass that the Sleeper awakened. He saw the handy-work of His dream and smiled, for He was greatly pleased. Though I am a Christian, I made up this Myth story of creation as it happened in my otherwise sick little mind so that it was in keeping with my other mythology “The Creation of the Gad Fly.

Creation of the Gad FlyThe Creation of the Gad Fly - Of all the creatures that have entered Kur, few have ever returned. But none of them return unchanged, and so it was with the two agents of the Lord of Wisdom. This story was inspired by the fascinating myth of Inanna.

Double CrossDouble Cross - Richey was good, very good, but you could never be good enough to thwart the inevitable once the Don’s finger pointed your way. A man had signed an agreement with the Don of a New York syndicate crime family to fulfill his recently killed father’s obligation to the family of six more years of contract killings. Now, that obligation is fulfilled. He is released and moves to Miami to be with his fiancé. Unfortunately, things often do not go according to plan. He is tricked and pulled back in for one last job. He finishes that job in a most unusual way. The twist (the mystery) is not revealed until the very last line of the story. It has a very wild twist that most readers won’t see coming.

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