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There are overlooked benefits to being in the book business. Bubblewrap, often on hand for packing up books for shipping, has other bonuses.

Bubblewrap bonus #1- Stress Relief

Carefully place bubblewrap on a hard surface. Tile floors work well. Concreted garage floors on the other hand, provide the acoustics for sound effect enjoyment. Picture object of your frustration in the reflective bubble of the wrap staring up at you. Now, crouch into a spring position, and jump! Stomp on it!

Bubblewrap bonus #2- Energy Boost

Stand, sock-footed beside a well placed sheet of bubble wrap. Turn on a favorite upbeat song and jump. Once you have jump-popped the majority of the bubbles, then commence with the slide. Slide back and forth like an ice skater across a one foot rink of popped plastic. Add jumps and shouts as the music invites. Finally, pour yourself a glass of water and sit down to write. No caffeine necessary, you've been invigorated by bubbles!

Bubblewrap bonus #3- Traffic Tamer

Keep a sheet of small bubbles in the glove compartment of your car. When stuck in traffic, take the opportunity to maintain your finger dexterity (essential for a writer) by popping the bubbles with your fingers. Place one bubble between your forefinger and thumb and pinch, rub it until it pops. Next fold two bubbles to face each other and repeat the pop process. Repeat at the next red light. When you get to your destination, instead of gridlock arthritis, you're ready to write!

Bubblewrap bonus #4- Writing "Un-blocker"

Are you mid-scene and your characters won't cooperate? Or are you almost finished with that article if you only had one more interview? Well, take a moment to jump over to this website. Pop a few sheets. You'd be surprised at how much good it will do! Pop on a portable laptop and feel the ideas flow as the bubbles deflate.

Don't wait~
Enjoy the fringe benefits of being a writer today!

Mary Ellen


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Comment by Cassie Exline on March 22, 2008 at 10:58am
As one eye roller to another, you humor came across brillantly. lol
Comment by Mary Ellen Courville on March 22, 2008 at 7:16am
Cassie, you must have caught me in one of my off moments. "Brilliant" is usually only used to described me after I've done something particularly embarrassing, (Like getting caught dancing around on a sheet of bubble wrap). It is said in that distinctive, eye-rolling way. On the other hand, I've really got to learn how to accept a compliment from those who don't know better.

Thank you, seriously~

Mary Ellen

PS- Good news, if you catch me in an eye-rollingly brilliant situation later, I won't be able to see that through the computer, so to me, your compliments will always be genuine.

(I hope my intended jabs at humor come across... )
Comment by Cassie Exline on March 21, 2008 at 5:10pm
Love it! You're brilliant.


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