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Voice of Conscience reviewed by Richard Blake

The Cycle, Sacrifice, and Cost of Revenge, January 8, 2008
By Richard R. Blake (San Leandro, CA)

Behcet Kaya in his first novel, "Voice of Conscience" writes from of a culture foreign to the understanding of most Western thinking. He writes of a culture steeped in traditions carried over from generations past, a culture where family pride demands revenge once insulted.

The story begins with a young boy, Ramzi Ozcomert Junior, who had to flee his home in a small Turkish community to escape death. His parents and sister were brutally murdered. His first stop was Ankara where he was able to successfully work for a distant uncle and learn a trade. Fearing his life was in jeopardy, he fled his native Turkey to move to London, England. Here he worked hard while getting an education in engineering.

During the final weeks before his graduation, he met and fell in love with Megan Townsend, a beautiful American girl. Within months they were married and Ramzi was soon established in Megan's father's Engineering Company in Los Angeles, California. Successful in business, blessed with a wife, who was also his soul mate, and two adoring daughters, Ramzi appears to have every reason for happiness. Inner turmoil and an ingrained sense of need to avenge the deaths of his family drive him to extreme measures, as a result of traumatic stress syndrome. I experienced both disappointment and empathy as Ramzi worked through his struggles with the voice of conscience.

Behcet Kaya writes with emotions ranging from tenderness to rage. His characters express insight and understanding as well as stubbornness and selfishness. Night mares, day dreams and flash backs help carry the plot forward. The dialog carries with it the flow of using a second language with a native tongue. This use gave a sense of genuineness to many conversations.

"Voice of Conscience" is a strong first novel and Behcet Kaya is well on his way to becoming recognized for his classic approach in communicating a message with a strong story line.

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