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She is diabolical, she is deceitful, she is dreadful, she is a killer, and she's a mother that no child wants to have. She is the nightmare no real man wants to have. Kidnapping and murder have devoured her fat soul. My skillfully written crime fiction novel is heart pounding, thought provoking, jaw dropping, and wickedly informative. Its funny buy very serious. In Raw Deception Two, Dee Moore is going to get very pissed. She meets and falls in love with her garbage man and he winds up breaking every law known to Man. They both kidnaps her small son which she does not have custody of. And the plot thickens. Enter Damien Blue, a Chicago detective who wants to prove that he can be a good cop. He must stop this couple who maybe unstoppable. He is a cop with no demons. He just does his job. The book is page turner and it delivers. It's smooth and it's different. Its an easy read and very enjoyable. An excitedly tight thriller. With new angles and surprising twists the reader will call clever.

Dee Moore is dexterous, ruthless, soon she re-marries. Her thinking and twisted thoughts become more menacing. Detective Damien Blue helps out the local police in taking down terrorists in downtown Chicago. Which ends up being a fiery and action pack conclusion like no other. Damien travels to Hawaii to bring in a kidnapping suspect only to find out he would to be in for a big surprise. There is a massive escape using the U.S. President's plane, Air Force One. Its totally unbelievable and highly entertaining. It is a ride readers will love.

I have worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years in the department of security and safety. However, I'm no stranger to being published. I was first published in 1996, in the Chicago Defender the article was called, Why people don't vote and I publish fictional novels called Derrick Sweat Sings The Blues and Raw Deception.

This work of fiction is an original. That is not talk. Its reality.

I would greatly appreciate representation for my mountain of work. The manuscript would have to be read in its entirety to really be appreciated .You may contact me by email. Please note that this is not a simultaneous submission. I look forward to hearing from you and thank in advance for your time.


George Wilder Jr.

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