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Ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and twelve, what does that mean? Is that the number of copies of “SCHLEP
I’ve sold so far? Is it the number of days I have left on the planet? Is it how
much my own personal debt is or is it the amount of my total net worth? It
could be the number of things that I’m Grateful for or it might be the number
of things left on my bucket list? Ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and
twelve, what does that mean?

It’s the number of words I’ve written since November 1st for my NaNoWriMo contest entry “A Life in The Rock and Roll Gutter”; I have surpassed the 50,000 word minimum but, truth be told, I’m only halfway through
the story! I don’t know if I will be a winner because with 2/3rd of
the month gone, I am afraid I am not going to be able to finish the story. I
should have gone with my original idea because I would have run out of words by
now and I would rather be struggling to reach 50k words, than to have surpassed
it but have only about 60% of the story told. I will have press on, maybe I
will have a good week this week and be able to complete the tale, after all, I
don’t have to get it right, just written. I can always go back and edit it

The 2 for 1 sale on “SCHLEP” has been going great this weekend, we’re also giving away these little leather book mark with a photo holder in it to the first fifty orders, but we only have maybe 10 or 20
of those left, so if you’re going to take advantage of this offer, buy one
today! I will personally sign a book for anyone on blogster, something I am not
doing elsewhere. “SCHLEP
is an epic road trip travel book which follows Izzy Koatz as he makes his
annual trip along Route 66, to sell his ideas to Hollywood. Along the way he meets Josie
Wails, an 18 year old Zuni princess who helps Izzy see, through all his trials
and tribulations, his own self worth is through real love. For a preview (and
to rate it) check out this link;

The kids are home all week from school and my mother is visiting from Arkansas later in the week, so it will be a hectic and chaotic time around our
household. I am certain to come back to blogster, if only for a minor
distraction while I write, but let it be known to all who read this, I am
Grateful for having friends and readers here at myspace and I wish everybody
the very best for Thanksgiving. I hope everybody has safe travels, warm
memories and most of all, lots of Peace and Love. Happy Thanksgiving.

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