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A beautiful review of "Five Years and Counting" by author Celestine McMullen Allen

Here is a new review of my last book, Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul PoetryIt was written by Celestine McMullen Allen, a very talented author whose book I had the honor of reviewing recently.


The review appears on Lulu and Goodreads

"An "old soul" that understands life is how I describe the author of the collection of poetry, Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry. The first several chapters of the collection are layered with the growth and grounding that is associated with understanding life experiences and embracing the emotions, revelations, and epiphanies that collectively shape who we are and how we deal with life. 

As I was reading the collection, I was making notes and acclaiming, yes, this one too, is one of my favorites. My list became exhaustive, for the more I read, the more poems I liked. The collection is laced with prolific imagery - "my soul, boundless like heaven's canopy", "wings are made of endless dreams", "the ship of my sanity afloat"; and I could go on. 

Subsequent chapters are molded like clay in the potter's hand who knows how to shape life into profound perspective. Cendrine shares messages of lived and learned life experiences; rejoicing in her understanding of what it means to embrace "the good and bad" that we all encounter just by the sheer act of being a part of human existence. She also shares her "soul" as a source of light - a path that dictates that we should stay continually focused on God through all of life's travails. She willingly shares her convictions that our "all" and the secret to overcoming adversity is not by dismissing it, and that the beauty of what we do experience is the light that can be seen more vividly from embracing our own soul poet journey - a journey that we all share. 

In her words, "I choose life over desire's cruel toss" and "let your essence stop wants’ strife"."

Celestine McMullen Allen -

Thank you, Celestine!

Cendrine Marrouat -

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