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A Book Marketing Campaign -- What's The Cost?

Here is a marketing campaign devised my publisher's PR department. Anyone know what these services normally cost? Read and let me know.

The following is an all-inclusive 5-month campaign that includes the film/TV option pitch package and Mid-EPK. I will call you shortly to discuss, the monthly pay structure. The 6th month and onward will be no charge.

I. Media Relations
a. Build inclusive Print Media List.
i. First we will build your Print Media list for expo/sales trade pubs. For your book it will be local and regional for all business type publications. It will consist of literary magazines, genre based publications, newspaper book sections, online publications and some others. Of course any publication specific to your book will have priority. We may try to pitch a few national publications that are specific to your business just to see what happens.
ii. We will also pitch for you to contribute to article for an exchange with a tear of your book within the article or maybe an add exchange.

b. Build inclusive radio list.
i. We will build a list for radio media. Morning and Drive-Time shows or related arts/literary programming.

c. Television
i. Online broadcasting will be first to be pitched, this will also assist in Television broadcasting.
ii. TV Broadcast, specifically PBS and local/regional to where the book has particular interest and setting.

d. Review Books:
i. Search for appropriate critics, lists and journalists.
ii. Submit to best bets.

e. Pitching, booking and continuous media correspondence with journalist on media lists. This is probably what takes the longest as it’s a combination of all above and it’s following up with all contacts returning correspondences and making new ones if needing to.

f. Build a Mid-EPK to be presented to Media, Reviewers, available for author use.

II. Chain Book Store Presentation and Placement.

a. Write-up all-inclusive PR Strategy to be presented to Chain Store/Vendors. Goal here is to obviously get your book in the bookstores so they can start selling themselves. Generally this will consist of a promotional marketing material and it will probably include some of the material we do above.

b. Submit PR Strategy, letter of intent and marketing plans along with a review kit of your title to appropriate book distributors.

c. Coordinate signings with Media appearances and other literary events; starting locally and then coordinating as interest grows or with your travel schedule. This will actually be done probably last in most cases, as it’s after the bookstores have your books on shelves.

III. Social Media/Blog Setup
a. Meet the Author Chat Session in partnership with Lifetime TV or equivalent media network.

IV. Other PR
a. Spokesperson/Speaker’s Bureau - Booking events speak and sell your title at events, writers conferences, etc. As opportunities arise this can be invoked.
b. Film/TV Option Pitch – I will prepare a presentation pitch directly to 5 entertainment execs/production companies for screen adaptation/rights.

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Comment by John Wayne Cargile on June 8, 2009 at 6:23am
Joining social networks is good, but I find that these are mostly writers pimping their own work. They are not the true buyers. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Diggs, MySpace and many social networks. I have a blog spot, an author's website, a book trailer, a publisher's website, and my books are on, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million. Sales were going well up until two weeks ago and then it hit a lull. This week should be great. I have a live radio interview on WYDE Radio 101.1FM this week with a disc jockey, then a book signing in metropolitan Birmingham, the largest market in Alabama and at the best independent book store in the state. So, we will see what happenes. By the way I hired the PR & Marketing consultant and my book was displayed at the recent Book Expo in NYC. Just need more sales. She is part of my publishing team.

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