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A Word of Encouragemet - Look In My Mirror

From Devotional "Shh! God Is Trying To Tell You Something"

Each day, you look in your mirror and see a reflection of yourself, oftentimes you don’t see the beauty I’ve imparted into your life. You see only the negative things about yourself, the wrinkles, and imperfections. You don’t take the time to see the true beauty, or the marvelous workmanship I so lovingly poured into you. Well, My child, I too have a mirror, and I want you to look into My mirror.

My mirror won’t show you the things you see on the outside. Man looks on the outward appearance. What I want you to see is on the inside. I want you to see your beautiful spirit.

My mirror reflects the positive things in you. I  see best in you, and throughout your day, I  send reminders to keep your spirit lifted. However, sometimes you are so busy worrying, you miss the beauty in your life. I want you to see what I see. I want you to see the beauty inside of you—beauty you don’t realize is there. Open your spiritual eyes and see the possibilities you carry inside of you. Then reach out and teach others as I have taught you. What I imparted in you, was meant to be a blessing not only to you, but to all those around you. Do you see the importance of looking in My mirror? I thought you would.

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