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It’s been a very long time since I have updated this blog, I was at one time, very active at this site while I was trying to market my 1st novel, “SCHLEP” as a “micro-published” novel that I was, essentially, doing myself. Although still an advocate of this self-publishing model, I must admit my worldwide sales of this novel number less than 1,000 copies and I am too creatively engaged to simply keep pimping the same novel over and over. I made a choice at the first of this year (2011) to set “SCHLEP” aside and focus on both writing a new screenplay with Charlie Adams (“Order #831”) as well as forming a media development company, Mother Road Media Dreams LLC which would serve as an active representative of certain creative works of mine, in particular, my novels and screenplays. Having the 1st novel out there made it easy to include that story in the mix of Intellectual Properties we’re brokering; “SCHLEP”, as well as my next novel (“Keep Yer Dobber Up!”) and both now part of The Mother Road Media Dreams inventory and have, in essence, been licensed to this company for further marketing in the entertainment industry. This is, we believe, unique to the industry and something which is a growing trend as the paradigm continues to shift from large publishers/production companies-studios and more towards home grown, independent and more autonomous creative entities.

            In terms of my further involvement in this site or with updating this blog, it will become next to nothing for a while as I limit my focus and attentions to marketing the company and our “products” in a highly competitive marketplace. I would like to express my most Grateful thanks to the administrators of this site, to the readers and friends I have made here as well as to all those who have simply stumbled onto this site while googling my name…I absolutely adore the communication and connection that can be made here in this social media marketplace, but now is not the time for spilling the beans about what’s been going on; simply know it’s been a lot and there is much more to come over the next year. Perhaps I will come back then, perhaps I will just let this blog, profile and site simmer and stew, but whatever I’m doing you can, if like, keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter, as well, I encourage you to visit my websites…my personal portfolio destination is and there you can find a host of stuff about and by me. The other site, is our company website and a good place to get an idea of what we’re working on lately.

            In conclusion, to put it simply, thank you and I wish you, my fellow authors/publishers the very best of luck and please, take care, be well and stay cool!

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